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Actress Neha Sharma’s workout video will inspire you to get fit

Neha Sharma is grateful that gyms are finally open. And she is showcasing her workouts for her fan following on Instagram.
Neha Sharma
This is how Crook starlet Neha Sharma is keeping fit. . Image courtesy: Neha Sharma Facebook Page
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 11 Nov 2020, 15:13 pm IST
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Apart from covid-19, this lockdown has also been about cooking our favourite dishes at home and relishing them. And to be honest, we all are guilty of gaining some weight. Even our B-town celebrities have fallen in the weight gain trap it would seem. But after the “Unlock”, reopening of gyms and fitness centres have brought them back to their exercise routine and frankly they aren’t leaving any stone unturned to get back in shape. And actress Neha Sharma is proof of this.

In her latest Instagram post, Crook actress Neha Sharma is seen exercising with a back roller. In her post she writes: “Gym finally reopen and I couldn’t be more grateful… body feels better and so does the mind… Stay active for both your mind and body (sic).”

And we couldn’t agree more.

But do you know why Neha Sharma is showing off her back rolling skills? That’s because it helps in amplifying the performance after a long fitness break. 

Apart from that there are a few more benefits of doing back roller. Here are five of them for you:

1. Back roller helps in increasing your range of motion. This will help you perform better and keep injuries at bay.

2. It helps in relaxing your muscles post-workout.


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3. Using a back roller on a regular basis can help you reduce cellulite. Also, if you want a quick fix for cellulite then doing foam or back roller exercises for 30 minutes can help.

4. Working out after a gap can lead to pain and muscle soreness. Use a back roller to flex your muscles and to make them more agile.

5. Muscle stiffness is another drawback of skipping exercise. Due to this you are unable to work out in full swing. To loosen up your muscles before giving your 100% to workouts, try doing back roller exercises for at least 7 to 8 days.

Now you know why Neha Sharma is sharing her back roller exercise regimen on Instagram. So, watch, learn, and give it a try.

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