Ace wheel pose with actress Pooja Batra for a super toned belly

There are many poses in yoga that can give you a well-sculpted body. Out of all, wheel pose aka chakrasana is everyone's all-time favorite.
wheel pose
Bend it like Pooja! Image courtesy: Pooja Batra | Facebok
Tapatrisha Das Published: 16 Dec 2021, 13:00 pm IST
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Pooja Batra is our fitness enthusiast. The actor, when not working, is usually spotted in stunning foreign locations – travelling and also scooping out time for herself to get in touch with her fitness routine. Pooja’s yoga routine is a marvel to look at. The actor swears by high intensity workouts and yoga and they are super motivational for us to follow.

Pooja recently merged her love for traveling and her love for fitness with her pictures of acing several yoga routines in the Bora Bora Islands. The actor, who is a travel enthusiast, was off to travel the Bora Bora Islands and then the USA a few weeks back. From posing with ostriches to acing yoga asanas in the deck of her resort with the sprawling waters of the sea in the backdrop, Pooja did it all in the trip.

wheel pose
With the wheel pose, weight loss is inevitable. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

However, now she is loving it back at home. Pooja missed her living space and her own yoga mat. A few days back, Pooja shared a video of herself beating the jetlag with yoga. In her own living room, on her yoga mat, Pooja demonstrated how several yoga asanas can drive the jetlag away and make our day brighter.

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On Wednesday, Pooja shared a short snippet of herself practising yet another yoga routine in a garden of sorts. This time, she performed the wheel for her Instagram family. In the picture, Pooja can be seen supporting her entire body on her feet and her palms and pushing the abdomen and the core muscles upwards to form a pyramid position with the body.

wheel pose
Lose belly fat and strengthen your core with wheel pose! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The yoga position, performed by Pooja, comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in stretching the accessory muscles used in breathing. It also helps in strengthening the hip flexors and the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Wheel also helps in maintaining emotional stability.

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