7 common weight loss mistakes that can slow down your progress

Weight loss is not an easy journey, and can be made harder if you do not follow the right approach. Make sure not to make these common weight loss mistakes.
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Dr Gowri Kulkarni Updated: 7 Jun 2021, 04:41 pm IST
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Losing weight is difficult. It is a process that a lot of people struggle with, thanks to scarcity of motivation, misinformation, unrealistic goals, and other mistakes. Mentioned below are the most common mistakes people make when trying to reduce their weight. Let’s go!

1. Unplanned meals

When you don’t plan meals, you tend to consume food from restaurants more often and gobble snacks. Planning meals prevents you from eating fatty foods and saves you time and money. It helps with losing weight and maintaining a particular weight, because you control the portion size and determine the ingredients you consume. Preparing your meals beforehand enables you to take care of a diet and helps reduce stress.

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2. Not tracking your intake

You may not realize what proportion of food you consume daily, which may cause substantial weight gain. Having a couple of snacks between breakfast and dinner can add plenty of calories every day. Keeping a food journal can help with weight loss in several ways. You will take pictures of the meals and snacks you eat and therefore the number of calories they contain. Quantifying your intake and keeping a journal will take you a long way in your weight loss journey. It also helps confirm you’re drinking enough water every day.

3. Not restricting portion size

Reducing the portion size of what you eat is one of the foremost strategies for people trying to lose weight, and it really works when done right. It doesn’t mean you eat portions so tiny that you’re constantly feeling hungry. First, it’s obviously unhealthy. Additionally, when your calorie intake is too low, your metabolism slows down in trying to preserve limited energy, making it harder for you to shed those extra kilos.

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4. Focusing only on cardio

If you make the error of ignoring strength training in your workout, it may cause you to lose muscle mass. Strength training can enhance your cardio efforts and improve your lifting performance, develop strength and enhance muscle growth.

5. Not getting enough sleep

Having a busy schedule can make getting an adequate amount of sleep difficult, which slows your metabolism. It is recommended to get a minimum of 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. When you sleep, your body rests and recovers from the strain and frustration of the day. Not getting adequate amount of sleep puts you in danger of becoming overweight or obese, because poor sleep increases your appetite.

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6. Unrealistic expectations

Setting realistic, long-term goals is absolutely necessary. It’s understandable you would like to lose it all as quickly as possible, however it is necessary to have realistic expectations. We must understand that weight loss is a slow and gradual process. Remember to stay on track and not get discouraged.

7. Eating so-called “healthy” foods

A lot of companies falsely advertise their product as being healthy, when actually they might not be as healthy as you think. Products like protein bars and juices, which are often advertised as healthy products, are full of unhealthy ingredients like saturated fats and added sugar, which can only make your journey towards losing fat harder. It is recommended to always check the list of ingredients and the nutrition label on the back of the package. Don’t forget to take note of the serving size as well.

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