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Making these 5 mistakes while doing tabletop crunches can reduce your chances of a flat belly

Just doing tabletop crunches for the heck of it isn't going to give you a flat belly. You need to do them the right way and avoid these mistakes.
tabletop abs crunches
Don’t repeat these five mistakes while doing tabletop crunches next time. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 20 Sep 2020, 12:00 pm IST
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Working those abs might look tedious, but that could be because you are not doing it right. Relying too much on Google and not-very-knowledgeable gym patrons is one of the main reasons why we don’t get the desired results, despite slogging it out. In the case of tabletop crunches, this is a very big possibility. 

Tabletop crunches are fairly simple. You just need to lie on your back on the floor, lift your legs up and bend them from your knees at a right angle, and do the crunches by lifting your upper body. But a few nuances make all the difference. That’s why we want you to ace this exercise so that you can get rid of that belly fat in no time.

Presenting, five rookie mistakes that you might be making while doing tabletop abs crunch:

1. Not lifting your legs properly
If you are not lifting your legs properly then there is no point of doing this abs crunch. You need to ensure that your legs have a proper stance so that you hit the right muscle and burn some fat. Between your thighs and upper body there should be a 90 degree angle and after bending your knees, your lower leg should be parallel to the ground.

Also, you need to hold this stance until you finish your entire set. Taking a break will release all the tension in the muscles and then it won’t be that effective.

2. Not breathing properly
If you are not breathing properly then you are not burning enough calories. Do you know, if you breathe properly while doing an exercise then you can increase its impact many times? So, ensure that while lifting up your body, you exhale and while going down you inhale. Also, keep your core tight.

3. You are not holding your crunch
To lose that fat around your belly it is important to increase the impact of the exercise. How can you do that? Well, by holding the actual position for a few seconds. When you hold the pose, more calories are used to keep that stance up and to balance your entire body. The result? Double the weight loss.

4. You are not supporting your neck and back
According to fitness expert, Ruchika Rai, not supporting your back and neck while doing crunches can cost you big time. “This can lead to severe pain in your neck and lower back, and also lead to sprains,” she says.

That’s why whenever you perform tabletop abs crunches please ensure that you do it on a proper mat. Also, lock the fingers of your hand and put them behind your neck for better support.


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5. You’re doing them too fast
Slower the better. This is the fitness funda you must memorize if you want every exercise to give you foolproof results. The logic is very simple: the slower you move, the more muscles you’ll contract and more weight you’ll lose. Also, you will reduce your risk of injuries.

So, there you go. Now that you know how to do tabletop crunches the right way, so ahead and practice them to get a flat belly.

  • 66
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