Doing these 5 exercises for double chin for just 2 weeks can give you a sculpted jawline

Want to get rid of those bulldog cheeks? Then swear by these double chin exercises and pave the way for a chiseled jawline.
Double chin
A double chin is an enemy to a chiseled jawline. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 24 Jul 2020, 11:04 am IST
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Does your face feel the onslaught of your weight gain too? If you said yes, we feel you! Chubby cheeks are still okay, but if you are plagued by a double chin–then you have our sympathies!

A double chin can make your skin look saggy and make you look much older than you probably are. So needless to say, getting rid of that double is something you must strive towards. Now, we are not suggesting that you rely on Botox or other cosmetic treatments to get the job done.

Rather, we are here with five exercises that will make your double chin disappear: 

1. Fish face
You might have done this a lot in your childhood but this time you need to do it for the sake of your jawline. All you need to do is just suck your cheeks in and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds. Repeat this five to six times. The best part is that you can even do it while sitting during that boring Zoom call or while working.

double chin
Make a fish face every now and then if you want to sculpt that jawline fast. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Skipping rope
The funda for skipping is almost similar to running, though this exercise might be a little more effective than running because when you jump there is a movement around your face which also helps in keeping that double chin in check. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism, suggests that 12-weeks of skipping is all you need to change your overall body weight composition, including your face.

3. Chin touch
This one will give you the maximum tension around your under-chin area. All you need to do is just stick out your tongue and try to touch your chin. There’s no problem if you can’t but just keep at it for 5 to 10 seconds and then relax. Do it for 10 to 15 times for better results.

4. Neck rolls
We hardly pay heed to neck exercises. This is one of the reasons why double chin and fat accumulation on the lower side of the neck is a part of your life. But neck rolls don’t need any extra time commitment–you can do them anywhere, anytime. The extension and movement plays a major role here, so focus on the extension and move your neck real slow to avoid any injury.

Another reason to hook up with neck rolls is that they help in curing neck problems like text neck syndrome and even tame cervical issues to an extent, according to a study published in the journal Medicine.

5. Jaw jut
Jaw jut is another way to restrain the muscles under your face. To do a jaw jut, look towards the roof and move your lower jaw back and forth. Hold the jaw jut for a couple of seconds to feel that stretch and tone your chin area.

double chin
Go get that jawline with a jaw jut. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

This kind of training pulls the muscle and helps in toning it, just like any other muscle in your body. That’s why you tend to lose weight and get a chiselled jawline. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, muscle retraining exercises are effective in enhancing facial aesthetics and it makes you look younger.


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The best part? Doing these exercises daily for a couple of weeks can massively tone your face and get rid of that double chin. But bear in mind, you will have to eat a balanced diet along with it–because these exercises won’t be able to help you if you’re on a binge run.

Can’t chewing gum help fix your double chin?
Why put your bets on exercising when chewing on gum can do the trick right?Well, let us tell you that chewing gum for hours is not that great for your gut as you swallow excess air which leads to bloating and lead to abdominal pain.  

Not just that, a study conducted at Ohio State University found that chewing gum does not boost metabolism or lessen food cravings. On the contrary, gum-chewers reported feeling hungrier than non-chewers in the study. That might mean more food intake and even more weight gain. So, better take the smart route.

So, ladies work these five moves out and look younger and stay beautiful forever.

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