3 yoga asanas you can do twice a day to burn belly fat

Want to be free from carrying your belly fat? If so, check out these 3 yoga asanas and say hello to a flat tummy soon!
yoga to reduce belly fat
These yoga asanas will help you melt that apron belly. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Gurpreet Kaur Published: 7 Jul 2022, 17:09 pm IST
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Most of us out there have aimed to lose weight at some point of our lives with a never-ending list of fad diets and excruciating workouts. Albeit, the one thing that we have all struggled with is certainly belly fat. And sometimes, no matter how many fitness vlogs you see or how many health articles you read, that stubborn belly fat refuses to leave your body. If you are one of those, you can certainly try yoga to burn that extra belly fat.

While it’s hard to break it to you that you cannot spot treat the extra accumulated fat, there are certain yoga asanas that will help you get rid of your belly fat faster than others. Radhika Gupta, on her Instagram page by the name Satvic Yoga, lists 3 yoga asanas you can do everyday twice a day to work on your lower belly fat.

“These asanas can be your entry point into the world of yoga, which goes far beyond asanas for a specific issue,” she says in her video. Check it out here:

1. Navasana or Naukasana – Boat pose

‘Nauka’ means boat in Hindi, and ‘asana’ means posture. During this yoga pose, you need to take the shape of a boat, and it is one of the most effective asanas that help reduce belly fat. Apart from that, it helps strengthen your core muscles, improves blood circulation and aids in digestion too.

How to do it:

  1. Lie down on your back.
  2. Inhale deeply and then exhale as you lift both your chest and then your legs off the mat.
  3. Keep both your arms stretched with your fingers pointing at your feet.
  4. With only your buttocks on the ground, the body will resemble the shape of a boat.
  5. Hold it for 5 breaths. Keep your stomach pulled throughout even if your body shakes.
  6. Return to normal position. Repeat 3 times.

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2. Phalakasana  – Plank to elbow

It is one of the best yoga asanas, if you’re trying to get rid of belly fat. It noy only activates your core from all sides but also really makes your muscles work for it.


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How to do it:

  1. Come on all your fours. Make sure your shoulders and wrists are in the same line, with the hips and knees aligned too.
  2. Stretch your right leg back followed by your left leg.
  3. Balance yourself equally between the palms and toes.
  4. While normally breathing, engage your stomach muscles by moving your right leg towards the stomach. Follow it with your left leg.
  5. Return to normal plank position. Repeat it at least for 6 times with each leg.

3. Dwichakrikasan – cycling pose

This asana is not only ideal for weight loss but also increases body stamina and flexibility. If you are looking to lose extra fat on the thighs and calf apart from the lower body and upper stomach, this yoga asana is for you.

How to do it:

  1. Lie down on your back with your legs and hands straight on the floor.
  2. Fold your both legs and lift them towards your body.
  3. Next, start cycling, first with alternate legs. Follow it up with both legs joined.
  4. Return to the starting position. Adjust the pace of cycling as you like.
yoga for tummy
These yoga poses will help you shed stubborn belly fat in no time. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Tips to keep handy while performing these asanas

According to Gupta, you must remember to:

  • Keep a gap of 3 hours between your meal and these asanas.
  • Pull your stomach in to protect your back.
  • Keep your back firmly on the mat and don’t arch it, otherwise you’ll experience back pain.
  • For best results, do these twice a day!

“When we practice asanas for our belly, it goes far beyond fat. It helps your digestion as well as your mood,” she signs off.

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