Covid-19: Yoga poses to boost immunity amidst Omicron threat

There are plenty of supplements that claim to increase immunity, whereas doing it through yoga is the holistic way to achieve immunity against Covid-19.
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These yoga poses can help you stay immune against Covid-19. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Rajesh Singh Maan Published: 22 Jan 2022, 08:00 am IST
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Yoga is not merely a science to treat health issues per se. It is a means to keep your natural immune system strong and functioning in its best capacity. It is the science to connect with yourself and channelize your energies in fruitful directions.

Rajesh Singh Maan, a spiritual yoga guru and Sacred Sciences teacher, suggests that yoga will unify you with your true self. The correct yogic practices can ignite your internal system to a capacity that no foreign or alien bodies will harm your body.

You all know there are innumerable treatment options available for the body and mind in the market today. There are plenty of medications and supplements to increase immunity, whereas the biggest pharmacy sits inside our body waiting for us to access it. Humans are born with a strong immune system, which helps a newborn baby to grow outside the womb.

Avoid Covid-19 by building immunity against it with yoga. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

With the lifestyle adopted by you, your immunity maintains its strength. Unhealthy lifestyle choices lead to an imbalance in the immune system, which makes your body prone to sickness. Habits like driving, using laptops and phones lead to a kyphotic back, which creates pressure on the lungs

It further puts pressure on the Thymus gland, which is the warehouse for your T-cells. These T-cells’ quality decides how great your immunity is. You will notice that there is a continuous stiffness in your intercostal muscles when you try to bend in alignment towards one side.

If you want to live with strong immunity, it is very necessary that you must expand your rib-cage with the help of yogic practices so that the respiratory system can function well and your T-cells remain healthy by receiving favourable conditions to survive.

Yoga asanas to boost your immunity

1. Tadasana

This is also known as the mountain pose in modern yoga. The practitioner stands in ‘samasthiti’ and stretches both his arms above his head inhaling slowly. The practitioner then crosses both his palms and pulls them upwards lifting his chest. This asana is great to generate heat in the whole body. It lifts the weight off ribs when the practitioner stretches his arms upwards. It makes the intercostal muscles ready for further practice.

Ayurveda says exercise is important.
Daily yoga keeps your body and health in form. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Ardh Chandra asana

This asana is also known as half-moon pose in modern yoga. The practitioner from the position of Tadasana stretches his arms towards the left and starts bending towards the left side keeping the pelvis straight. It is to be practiced from both sides stretching each side’s intercostal muscles and keeping the breath steady. This yoga asana individually works on both sides of muscles. It provides the muscles scope of expansion so that oxygen can properly flow through them.

3. Pallav karmi asana

This asana works on the back intercostal muscles and helps in the elongation of the spine. To practice this asana, the practitioner sits on both knees and keeps both his hands in front of his chest coming on all fours. The practitioner then takes both palms forward and by folding both hands with elbows. Continue to keep the triceps off the ground forming a namaste with the hand. The chin is kept between both the elbows elongating the spine. The knees remain folded on the ground and the hips face upwards.

4. Setu bandha asana

Also known as bridge pose, this asana is practiced by the practitioner by lying on the back and bringing the elbows at shoulder position. The practitioner lifts his chest with the help of elbows. The head of the practitioner must release pressure from the neck and lift the diaphragm upwards. This asana brings a proper flow of oxygen to the lungs.


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