4 red flags you shouldn’t ignore while doing yoga

Yoga is a healthy everyday practice, but if you ignore some of these red flags and problems for too long, it may be doing more harm than good.
Be mindful of aches and pains when you do yoga. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Yashwani Arora Published: 29 Nov 2021, 20:15 pm IST
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A calm and refreshed mind, well-stretched body and a little bit of sweat may be signs that your yoga session may have been perfect. But your body can also signal some signs that you may not be doing yoga the way it needs to be done. And you need to monitor those red flags to avoid the risk of injury.

Sometimes, we subject ourselves to extreme fitness workouts that push our screaming muscles to the edge of exhaustion. Consequently, many aspects of modern yoga culture can be actually damaging deep within.

But it is a prerequisite that yoga should be practiced carefully and under guidance. You could even go wrong with even a simple asana like Savasana or corpse pose. Yoga instructor Radhika Arora, at SARVA Yoga, pointed out some red flags, via an Instagram Reel.

“We often feel pain in some part of our body after working out, but when should we be concerned? Here are some tips that would help you to understand when you should seek help,” Arora captioned the Reel.

Here are some red flags you need to look out for while practicing yoga:

  1. Wrong postures

    Simply put, the focus of a pose is about the uniformity of the body. The right posture can work wonders, but an erroneous posture can give you negative results. It is essential to maintain the rhythm of breathing and movement of the body. The right practice of Pranayama and asanas can be beneficial for the health and mind.

  2. Ignoring when your body tells you to stop

    There are few tell-tale signs that are important not to ignore while practicing yoga. Too much exhaustion to achieve the desired result can not only deliver negative results, but even cause fatigue. Don’t try to push yourself too hard. Slow and steady wins the race, and this holds true for yoga too.

  3. Pain in different parts of the body

    Yoga can be many things – from spiritual to a more physical practice, but yoga is not meant to cause pain. If you do yoga asanas right and under proper guidance, you can avoid the pain. Keep an eye on such pains and alter your yoga routine to what suits your body and capability.

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    back pain
    Wrong posture can cause pain in different parts of body Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  5. Being out of breath post your yoga session

    Connecting to your breath is a huge part of doing yoga right. A good yoga session should not leave you out of breath. Rigorous yoga and difficult postures can sometimes lead you to feel shortness of breath. But it can be an alarming sign that your body needs to pause.

Ladies, don’t ignore these red flags to experience the true power of yoga!

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