World Heart Day: An expert recommends these 8 yoga asanas to pump up your heart health

Taking care of your heart is important to live a healthy life. Grand Master Akshar recommends 8 yoga asanas to add to your routine for a strong heart.
Yoga can help you balance the mind, body and soul during festive season and beyond. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar Updated: 29 Sep 2021, 09:45 am IST
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Common factors that affect the heart, more often than not, are negligence and a lack of awareness. Make a conscious effort to maintain a relaxed mind and a calm sense of being. Triggers such as depression, anxiety, an unhealthy diet, lack of nutrition and an erratic lifestyle must be avoided or eliminated from our daily lives.

Yoga for heart health

In order to make an active effort towards keeping your heart healthy, add yoga to your daily routine. It won’t just enhance your physical health but also take care of your mental well-being, contributing to a healthier heart.

Asanas should not be performed without a proper warm-up. Before practising these asanas, you can begin with Sukshma Vyayam or subtle exercises to prepare your body for these poses.

yoga for heart
Yoga is extremely beneficial for the heart. Image courtesy: Grand Master Akshar
Yoga asanas to keep your heart healthy

Choose any 5 asanas from the following list and hold each posture for 15-30 seconds.

1. Vajrasana
Kneel down and place your pelvis on your heels. Place your palms on your knees facing upward.

2. Malasana
Squat down and join your palms in front of your chest. Use your elbows to push thighs out as much as possible.

3. Santolanasana
Lie on your stomach. Place your palms under your shoulders and lift your upper body, pelvis and knees up.

4. Adomukhi Svanasana
Start on your fours, ensuring palms are under the shoulders and knees below hips. Lift the hips up, straighten the knees and elbows, and form an inverted ‘V’ shape.

5. Bhujangasana
Lie down flat on your stomach. Place palms under the shoulders. Inhale completely, hold your breath (Kumbakh) and then lift up your head, chest and shoulders. Let your navel remain down.

Try the cobra pose for a strong heart! Image courtesy: Grand Master Akshar

6. Vrikshasana
Begin in Samasthithi. Place your right foot on your left inner thigh. Find your balance; join your palms in Pranam Mudra at your heart chakra.


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7. Tadasana
Stand up straight keeping your feet parallel and weight balanced on both feet equally. Hands by your side.

8. Samakonasana
Begin in Samasthithi. Slowly tilt your upper body forward at your pelvis. Lower your upper body until it is parallel to the ground and stretch your arms forward.

You must practice these asanas on a regular basis to ensure that your heart stays healthy and you can reduce your risk of any heart-related illness.

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