We asked a yoga guru to share the 4 things every yoga beginner should know

Yoga is not just a way to get fit, rather it is a lifestyle--one that requires dedication. Here, we got yoga guru Akshar to share his learnings for al beginners out there
yoga for beginners
Yoga is an art and a skill that you can ace with practice and patience. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar Updated: 23 Jul 2020, 18:33 pm IST
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Now more than ever people are taking up yoga to maintain optimum physical and mental health. After all, in the light of the covid-19 pandemic, immunity is of prime concern. 

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If you too are excited to embark on your very own yoga journey, then here are a few important things that you should keep in mind:

1. Build a strong foundation
There is never a dull moment in yoga practice. Every day is a new beginning and a chance to learn something new. While it is always good to be open to learning, you should also exercise restraint until you get into the flow of it.

Yoga can be physically challenging and this can be especially daunting if you come into it with no history of exercise or physical activity. Be sure to ease slowly into it and thoroughly learn the foundational asanas. Basic asanas include postures such as vajrasana, santolanasana, adomukhisvanasana, padmasana, dandasana, tadasana, vrikshasana, balasana, and padahasthasana to name a few.

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Use these postures to build your strength and flexibility before advancing in your yoga practice.

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2. Have a connection with the master to receive knowledge
Yoga is a spiritual practice that was given to mankind by Lord Shiva who is also known as Yogendranath. This divine art was passed on to us through generations of spiritual masters who belonged to schools of yoga and gleaned this knowledge from their ascended Masters through austerities and after performing many Sadhanas. Therefore, you need to build a connection with your yoga guru or master to become eligible to receive this knowledge. It is your guru who will guide you in your journey and practice. Guru means one who removes darkness or one who shines the light of knowledge into your life.

3. Go step by step
Goals are very important and yoga is the best practice that will inculcate this belief within you. Whenever you are attempting any asana, and struggle with it, yoga instils the will in you to persevere. Therefore, achieving that asana becomes the goal for you, and this pushes you to keep at it until you accomplish the pose.


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However, it is important to be gentle with yourself and go step by step. Yoga is a science of the body teaching us how we can make the most of this wonderful living, and breathing equipment that we are blessed with. Understand your own body, and connect with it through a strong practice.

yoga for beginners
Go easy on the yoga poses to begin with. GIF courtesy: GIPHY.

4. Commitment and discipline
As with any new adventure, yoga too requires you to be committed and persistent. Consistency is key, and only through regular practice will you be able to experience its benefits. Even just showing up on your yoga mat for your daily practice can be your first step of proving your dedication and commitment to yoga.

In asanas alone, there are 84 lakh asanas that the practitioner has before her to achieve. Along with this, there are many levels of pranayama, meditation, mudras, chanting, and more. Yoga’s journey is endless, but it is also one that is filled with endless possibilities. Dive into it by keeping these points in mind, and make sure that you enjoy every step of the journey.

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