Watching Ananya Panday nail an aerial handstand will make your jaw drop

Take some fitspiration from none other than Ananya Panday as she aces the technique of doing a handstand.
Ananya Panday
Ananya Panday is obsessed with aerial yoga. Image courtesy: Ananya Panday | Facebook
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 17 Mar 2021, 13:12 pm IST
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Hanging upside down might not be your way of staying fit but looks like Bollywood starlet, Ananya Panday is obsessed with aerial yoga. That’s why on the internet exists another post by a renowned yoga school capturing Ms Panday performing a handstand–and mind it she is nailing it! 

In this Insta post this SOTY 2 beauty was seen hanging upside down on a hammock. Hammock is basically the hanging equipment using which aerial yoga is performed. 

This equipment helps in body training that aids:

1. Strength
2. Balance
3. Flexibility
4. Proper blood circulation
5. Weight loss
6. And, sense of calm

On their Instagram, Anushka Yoga—the studio where presumably Ananya train—shared this post on Insta:

“Let’s all of us learn to see things backwards, inside out and upside down….and with our tongues out”

Here’s why doing a handstand is great for staying fit 

But do you know why there is so much hoopla around doing a handstand? Well, for sure it is hard to ace but the buzz is majorly because of the benefits it has in store. Here are some of them:

1. Doing a handstand reduces muscle tension
2. It helps in relieving stress
3. It helps in back strengthening
4. Handstand regulates your metabolism
5. It helps in toning your shoulder, arms, and core
6. It boosts your focus
7. Handstand helps you detox
8. It also re-energizes your brain

That’s why Ananya is obsessed with these aerial inversion poses. 



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Here are some tips that will help you ace a handstand just like Ananya Panday

1. Always engage your core
2. Don’t compress your core
3. Keep your hands straight and lock them properly to avoid slipping
4. Keep breathing to hold the pose for long
5. Keep your arms shoulder width apart for better balance
6. Distribute the weight on both the arms equally

ananya panday
Improve your core strength with handstand. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

But hey, if Ananya can do this that doesn’t mean you can do it too. 

So, if you have any of these medical conditions then please do not try this at home

For the starters Ananya is doing this under supervision and we request you to do the same. Apart from that avoid doing a handstand in case:

1. You have neck pain
2. You have osteoporosis
3. You get nose bleeds
4. You have a BP problem
5. You have a heart condition

Also, you need to ask your trainer to clock you so that you can understand how long you can and should hold this pose as that depends from person to person.

So ladies, take some inspiration from Ananya Panday and stay fit and fabulous.

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