Watch Malaika Arora do the tripod headstand pose to strengthen her core and reduce stress

Malaika Arora's ‘move of the week’ is the tripod headstand which is a great pose to improve flexibility, core strength and mental health.
malaika arora workout
Learn to do the tripod headstand like Malaika Arora! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 16 Mar 2021, 16:53 pm IST
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We’re already acquainted with Malaika Arora’s fitness workout regime, thanks to her social media. The chhaiya chhaiya girl diligently shares one yoga asana every Monday as a part of the ‘Malaika’s move of the week‘ series she started a while back! Even at the age of 47, she has a toned body and smooth skin, something she credits her yoga practice for.

This week, she introduced her fans to the tripod headstand pose. This pose targets your upper body to improve flexibility, strength, digestion, and hormonal balance. You will, however, need to remember that it needs to be done the right way and under guidance to avoid injury.

So, here’s what Malaika has to say about the tripod headstand in her latest ‘yoga pose of the week’ post

Namaste Everyone! ?

It’s time to move to the next step of achieving something with #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek. So this week we’ll be doing a drill that will help you achieve a perfect pose with regular practice. Everything takes time and so will this. Nevertheless, we do not stop trying until we have achieved it.” 

To help you steer clear of making a mistake and ending up with serious injuries, she informs:

Make sure you do this in the presence of a yoga instructor or do it if you are an advanced practitioner.”

In the Instagram video, she can be seen working out at the gym wearing a black sports bra and a pair of black shorts, trying to get in the tripod headstand pose. This move is definitely going to inspire her followers to give the risky asana a good go, under guidance, of course!


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Here’s what she says to encourage her fans to try the Ardha Salamba Sirsasana (tripod headstand):

Here’s a drill to achieve a Tripod Headstand (Ardha Salamba Sirsasana also known as a Variation of Sirsasana). This is the beginning and if you wish to achieve a tripod headstand, you can try this out. This pose is great for blood flow as you are upside down, which in turn enhances mental awareness and concentration. It strengthens your core strength, abdominal muscle, and arms.”

Here’s a step-by-step guide on performing the tripod headstand that Malaika suggested:

1) Get down on your palms and knees. Place the top of your head on the mat.

Malaika Arora workout
Take some yoga inspiration from Malaika Arora. Image courtesy: Facebook/Malaika Arora

2) Next, place your palms on the mat such that your arms are bent at 90-degrees with your elbows directly over the wrist. Try not to let your shoulders go near your ears.

3) Lift your knees and walk your feet towards your palms.

4) Try to rest your knees over your triceps. Point your toes towards the ceiling.

5) Hold for 20 to 30 seconds.

Note: Baby steps are necessary so do not push yourself to achieve a pose and share pictures of whatever level you reach.

So, ladies, practice Ardha Salamba Sirsasana as suggested by Malaika Arora so that you also attain the same strength and health as her!

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