Watch: Jacqueline Fernandez finds the cutest yoga partners in her cats

Yoga is a hot favourite of Bollywood celebrities and Jacqueline Fernandez loves practicing it. This time around, her cats decided to accompany her!
Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline practices yoga with her cats. Image courtesy: Jacqueline Fernandez/Instagram
Grace Bains Published: 24 May 2021, 19:35 pm IST
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Bollywood’s love for yoga is not a surprise for anyone. From Malaika Arora and Mandira Bedi to Shilpa Shetty, actresses have made yoga a part of their lives. They often take to social media to share their prowess. Jaqueline Fernandez is also part of the celebrity bandwagon which is into yoga!

Jacqueline keeps herself fit with regular yoga practice

The Drive actress has been posting a number of pictures, reels and snippets from her yoga sessions that leave us in awe. Recently, she posted a video where you can spot her performing yoga while her cats make adorable cameos.

Jacqueline’s post captioned ‘Cat yoga ??’ can be checked out here:


She regularly takes to Instagram to share yoga videos with her cats making cameos. In this particular clip, she performs yoga on her balcony while calming music plays in the background.

Wearing a beige coloured halter-neck bodycon crop top, matched with a pair of matching yoga pants, she starts with a few simple stretches. Throughout the video, her cats keep coming close to the camera and they don’t leave Jacqueline’s side for even a second. But, that doesn’t distract Jacqueline for even a bit. At one moment, Jacqueline also pets her cats while she performs an asana!

This flow by Jacqueline is aimed at flexibility

Overall, Jacqueline’s yoga flow begins with simple stretching and intention setting. After that, it takes a more advanced turn and she slowly performs a sequence that requires balance as well as flexibility.


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In the video, Jacqueline did various asanas such as the parvatasana and chakrasana in her video that provide its practitioners with a host of health benefits such as improved flexibility, strength, stamina and mobility, as well as helps keep the mind relaxed and focused.

Parvatasana (Mountain Pose) is a great foundational pose that improves posture and helps strengthen muscles. Chakrasana (Wheel Pose), on the other hand, helps enhance energy levels, strengthens arms, legs, spine and abdomen. These poses are also beneficial for increased flexibility and agility.

Get a stronger posture with the mountain pose. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

These poses may not be well suited for beginners and hence, do remember to take due precautions if you try out these poses. People with back problems, shoulder injury, pregnant ladies and patients of high or low blood pressure should especially avoid these poses.

So, ladies, enjoy this calming video snippet and take a cue from Jacqueline by trying out these poses with due caution to improve and maintain the health of muscles, joints and organs.

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