Bend it like Rakul Preet Singh and learn how to do the warrior pose III

Rakul Preet, the new yogini of B-town is sharing with us her mantra of staying fit with yoga. Watch how she nails the difficult warrior pose III.
Rakul Preet Singh yoga
Rakul Preet Singh does the warrior pose! Image courtesy: Image courtesy: Rakul Preet Singh| Facebook
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 27 Jan 2021, 15:02 pm IST
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A few weeks ago Rakul Preet Singh posted about being diagnosed with covid-19. But now this B-town beauty is buzzing all over Instagram with her fitness posts. But how did she make this possible? Well, she has befriended yoga to get back her groove.

In her latest Insta post, Rakul Preet was captured doing the warrior III pose, and to us it seems like the secret behind her early recovery and agile body. 

Yoga is known for boosting immunity and the warrior pose III can aid flexibility and induce muscle toning. That’s the reason why this time Rakul Preet has chosen this multi-dimensional yoga asana. In fact, she credited the warrior pose III in her post for helping her achieve the highest level of fitness. 

She wrote:

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”


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Do you also want to reach Rakul Preet’s level of fitness? Then learn to perfect the warrior pose III

Warrior pose III is a full-body workout. It engages your core, arms, and legs. Here are three simple steps you need to know to nail this asana:

1. Start with a lunge with the knee in the front bent. Keep the leg in the back straight and ensure that your heel is a little lifted. Your hips and chest should be squared in front of the mat. Now raise your arms above your head.


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2. Now in the next step, slowly move your hands to your heart with palms pressed against each other in a prayer position. Now lean forward until your back leg and hips extend straight back. Keep your foot flexed and keep looking down.

3. Make sure that your standing leg is strong and straight and ensure that it is not locked at the knee. Slowly stretch your arms forward so your body forms a “T” shape.

Hold this pose for 10 deep breaths or as long as you can.

Can’t nail this asana like Rakul Preet? You might be making these 5 silly mistakes

1. You are not engaging your core.
2. Your front leg is too extended. Find a spot where you can easily balance your body weight.
3. You are overarching your back.
4. You are lifting your shoulders up and bending your arms way too much.
5. You are not focusing on your breath. Please remember that only deep breathing will help you hold this pose for longer.

So, bend it like Rakul Parul girls and get a better stance, toned muscles, and a lean body in no time.

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