Malaika Arora demonstrates ‘danda yoga’: Learn how to make your workout fun with props

Fitness and yoga props can make your workout truly fun! Malaika Arora shows how to practice danda yoga using a stick.
Malaika Arora yoga
Malaika Arora shows you how to use a yoga prop! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Purvi Kalra Published: 14 Nov 2022, 09:07 pm IST
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Bollywood’s fitness diva Malaika Arora keeps sharing some fun and quirky fitness inspiration with all her fans and followers. Malaika, who indulges in a mix of yoga and other forms of exercise, took to her social media to share a yoga reel, but with a twist.

The twist in #Malaikasmoveoftheweek is that she added a yoga prop this time to keep her workout game on point. She surely seems to be a big fan of ‘danda yoga’, which involves the use of a stick. She stated some of the reasons why ‘danda yoga’ is one of her favourite forms.

* It is a fabulous workout to reduce belly fat, especially the area around your waist.
* It gives a stretch to the muscles of the arms, legs, and spine.
* It relaxes the body thoroughly.

Malaika Arora urges fans to use yoga props

“Try adding a prop to your workout – something as simple as a bottle of water, or a towel. It will enhance your workout and will give you a welcome break,” she wrote in her caption.

Well, who knew something as simple as a stick could be of such good use to your daily workout. Check out Malaika Arora’s latest yoga post!

Reasons why adding a prop could boost your workout benefits

It goes without saying that having a fitness prop can allow the users to think of creative ways to get the best of their sweat session. A simple prop can elevate your standard burn from simple to extra spicy!

1. These can save you a lot of space

You might find your studio overcrowded with tons of machine equipment, but it can end up taking a lot of space. It’s better to free up the space around you so that your body can be allowed free, swift movement. Props take up very little space. Using your body weight to perform workout postures can be more effective for your entire well-being.


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2. Props can ensure safety

The right yoga prop can ensure safety, especially while you are trying to do inversions.

2. Fitness props can ensure stability

Without a prop, a beginner might find it hard to stay longer in a position. However, with props, one can stay longer in a position effortlessly.

3. Minimizes the risk of injuries

Yoga props give you better stability and added support, thus minimzing the risk of harmful injuries. Props can also help prevent old muscle injuries from further deterioration.

Alongside, props can be best for people with some muscular injuries or limitations in the past to avoid excess strain.

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Popular yoga props with their uses

1. Yoga blocks

These blocks primarily provide additional support. You may even put this prop to use to better your level of elevation or stretch while bending down.

how to use yoga block
Yoga block bricks can be great for beginners! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Resistance bands or yoga straps

Irrespective of what exercise you are doing, you can always level up your resistance by adding a resistance band to your yoga. With the help of these straps, you can train harder on your muscles or measure the flexibility of your body while doing regular yoga.

3. Yoga wheel

This prop can be your go-to if doing back exercises is your goal. If you find it daunting to arch your back or want to rectify your posture while making the back arch, it’s hands-down a great idea to take the help of a yoga wheel.

yoga wheel
Even celebs like Alia Bhatt have used a yoga wheel. Image courtesy: Alia Bhatt | Instagram

4. Yoga cushion

Many yoga experts reckon to keep a yoga cushion handy for pregnant women who are trying to do yoga. Though the set of exercises is entirely different for pregnant women, it is always great to add some extra support.

5. Yoga hammock

For the ones who wish to indulge in hard training and test their body to its fullest potential, it is the best option to go for yoga hammock.

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