Living a fast-paced life? Here’s how you can stay fit and manage stress

Updated on: 19 February 2020, 19:08 pm IST

A fast-paced lifestyle can impact your health to a great extent. Here’s how you can manage stress while staying fit and healthy.

how to stay fit and manage stress
It’s important to keep yourself sane and healthy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Everyone is born with a predetermined genetic disposition. Genes hold the gun, the environment pulls the trigger, but life can still get larger and bigger with conscious intervention each passing year.

Here are a few tips on quick workouts, healthy snacks and breathing techniques for fast-paced life:

Fit in 7 to 20 minutes
Due to a hectic schedule and lack of time, quick simple workouts can be done at home or at the park. Quick workouts could be from 7-20 minutes depending on the individual time. All the body objectives and needs are met right from stamina, endurance, agility, tenacity, strength, and energy needs. This should translate into good skin, good hair, the release of stress, a high level of confidence and a high level of self-esteem. 

At work, use the office desk to do quick exercises. Hold it with your palms and stand inclined being on your toes. This is very good to activate your spine, stretch your stomach and can also increase your cognitive ability, your sharpness, reflexes, and alertness.

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Healthy snacks at your work-station
Pack some healthy snacks from home to your office and avoid eating junk. Have enough water intake. Keep handy a jar of dry fruits that contains dates, dry figs, dry apricots, fresh apricots, black raisins, walnuts, pine seeds, pistachio, cashew nuts, and almonds. Apart from this, sesame seed ladoos with jaggery, khus-khus chikki with jaggery, groundnuts chikki with jaggery are also loaded with nutrition. Fruits such as oranges, apples, guavas, bananas, custard apple, pears, and chikoos are good for snacking at the workplace.

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Breathe slow and rhythmic during travel
Whenever you are travelling, breathe slow and rhythmic. Because while travelling, you are settled either in a car, train, bus or plane. In such times you are hardly doing any work or activity. That is an opportune time to introspect, retrospect, evaluate, assess so that you can come up with solutions to your life problems. 

While breathing, the focus should be on the navel and it has to be slow and rhythmic. This will allow restoring all your body functions, circulations, secretions, and you will be better oriented.     

Make a start with these tips and watch out for results.

Dr Mickey Mehta Dr Mickey Mehta

Dr Mehta is a global leading holistic health guru and a corporate life coach guides on holistic wellness.

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