Meditate without anxiety. Deepak Chopra tells you how

Do your anxiety levels impede your desire to meditate in the morning? These useful tips by spiritual leader Deepak Chopra can be handy for you.
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Parmita Uniyal Published: 26 Nov 2021, 08:07 pm IST
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In pandemic times, many people have embraced meditation as a daily practice to arrange their thoughts and relieve daily stress that often stops them from achieving their true potential.

Meditation, a Yoga technique, not only helps you connect with your inner self, it also reduces anxiety, improve positive feelings, sleep and even your digestive health. It is also known to decrease blood pressure.

However, if you want to reap the full benefits of meditation, you should not only do it at the right time, but in the right mind set. Meditation with an anxious mind for example can be frustrating. There are some days when we are just not able to prepare our mind for meditation and continue with anxiety getting the better of us.

Deepak Chopra, alternative medicine guru, author and public speaker in his recent Ask Deepak Q & A series while answering the query of a user who couldn’t meditate in the morning after waking up in a “flight or fight” response, said the residual agitation should be cleared up before beginning meditation with a clean state to have a more peaceful and calm experience.

Sleep plays a key role in regulating emotions. Chopra says that if one wakes up anxious, it might be to do with “interrupting an emotional release that is occurring during sleep.” He adds that ideally one should go back to sleep to complete the release process.

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While that is ideal, it is difficult for some people to resume sleep after waking up or they might have some engagement in the morning time. Chopra has a solution for this too. He says taking a bath or doing some kind of exercise can help.

“But if you are too awake to go back to sleep or you have to wake up anyway, then instead of meditating right away, I instead would recommend you get up and take a long shower followed by some yoga or exercise. Do both of these things with the intention of clearing away the residual agitation that you were in the middle of when you woke up. Then you should be able to meditate with a clean slate and have a more peaceful and calm experience,” he says.

The idea is to take out a little me-time in the morning and bring mind to a space where it is ready to face the day and work at its best.


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