Fitness lessons from Soha Ali Khan: How to make home workouts fun

Are you looking for ways to make your home workouts more fun? Let's make home workouts more fun with some help from the fitness enthusiast herself, Soha Ali Khan!
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Jazz up your home workouts with Soha Ali Khan! Image Courtesy: Instagram/Sakpataudi
Arushi Bidhuri Published: 11 Jul 2023, 15:45 pm IST
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It took a pandemic to remind a lot of people that they can work out at their homes just fine in case access to gyms was restricted! The best thing about working out at home is that you no longer have to drag yourself to the gym. While it is great to work out in the comfort of your home, sometimes it can be tiring to follow the same old routine that keeps you stuck in a monotonous cycle. So, how do you make your home workouts more fun? Well, you jazz it up just like Soha Ali Khan!

Bollywood’s very own fitness enthusiast, Soha never misses a chance to inspire her fans through her social media posts. While her workout sessions are truly inspirational, it is the way she adds little things to her workout that draws our attention. So, we curated a list of things from Soha Ali Khan’s workout regimen to help you turn your workout sessions into the hottest workout destination in town.

How Soha Ali Khan makes home workouts more fun

Whether you are a workout newbie or a seasoned fitness fanatic, this list of ideas will help you turn your living room into the hottest workout destination in town.

Soha Ali Khan
Take cues from Soha Ali Khan to make your home workouts more interesting. Image Courtesy: Instagram/Sakpataudi

1. Make a fitness space at home

There’s nothing better than finding a dedicated space at home that allows you to practice yoga and meditation with ease and without distraction. Since it’s no secret that Soha loves to workout at home, it is natural for her to practice yoga in the comfort of her home. While the best way is to have a separate yoga space in your house, you can easily dedicate a small section of your living room or bedroom a la Soha Ali Khan to practice all the poses you want.

2. Workout with the family

Are your kids not letting you work out? Why don’t include them in your workout? Yes, there are plenty of ways to include children in your fitness regimen so that you don’t have to sacrifice your workout time. We love how Soha at times has her kids around working out and having fun. If you’re wondering how to do it, you should include fun yoga poses or exercises that are simple enough for your kids as well as beneficial for you.

3. Make use of household items

One thing the pandemic taught us is that you don’t need expensive equipment to workout – all you need is dedication. While Soha does have the equipment, it is always a good idea to include what you have readily available at home. If you are still confused, take cues from Soha. From walls to tennis balls to chairs, she includes almost everything in her workout.

Soha Ali Khan
From working out with your family to adding colours to your workouts, Soha Ali Khan makes her home workouts fun this way. Image courtesy: sakpataudi

4. Practice colour theory

If you have ever stumbled upon any videos/reels of Soha working out, you will see a colourful mat on which she works out. Did you know that colour can affect your mood as well as your workout? Studies have found that colours can affect your strength and power. For instance, blue boosts productivity, green enhances better mood and pink can calm you down. So, try incorporating colour therapy in your workout routine.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to say goodbye to boring workouts by adding these things to your fitness regimen!

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