These 5 expert-recommended exercises will boost your heart health

The heart, as we already know is an extremely important organ. These five exercises will keep your heart health in check.
exercises for heart health
Ladies, exercise your way to a healthier heart and a longer life.
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 8 Jul 2020, 19:24 pm IST
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There’s no denying the fact that the heart that makes your fall in love also almost single-handedly keeps you alive. That is exactly why you’ve got to treat it like the extra-special body organ that it is.

“You can make your heart healthier by increasing your heart rate and bringing it close to at least 80% of its maximum potential,” says Mr. Rishikesh Kumar, fitness expert, founder, and CEO, Xtraliving, Hyderabad.

This can be achieved through high-intensity exercises and workout routines that make your heart pump blood at the speed of light, or so to say. Check out some of the best routines recommended by Kumar:

1. Burpees: Begin by standing straight, move into a squat position with your hands touching the ground, kick your feet back to land on your toes while taking the push-up position. Hold for a second and return to the squatting position first to finally stand back up. Burpees, if done quickly, can boost your heart rate and heart health like nothing else will.

2. Sprinting: This one’s no rocket science, actually. Mark a short distance, say a 100 metres, and run as fast as you possibly can to-and-fro through the marked area. Take a break and get back to business. This can up your heart rate and promote blood circulation as well.

3. Hurdle jumps: As the name suggests, you can place hurdles like dumbbells, boxes, etc of different heights on the running track or the less-crowded area of your gym. The aim is to run through the distance while jumping over every hurdle to make your heart beat faster and also burn more calories in the process.

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4. Jumping jacks: Start by standing straight with your palms facing your thighs. Jump up and widen your feet broader than your hip-width while bringing your arms above your head and palms nearly touching. Jump again while lowering your arms and bringing your legs together. Return to your starting position and repeat.


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5. Thrusting: Stand with your knees wide apart and hands gripping a weighted bar or dumbbells shoulder-width apart. Now, lift this weight raising your elbows as high as you can and then bring the weight back down slowly while squatting simultaneously. At this point, your thighs should be almost parallel to the ground. Raise your heels off the ground using strength from your quadriceps and glutes. Push the bar over your head till your arms are straight up and locked. Finally, bring the bar back down to the starting position and repeat until you’re pounding for breath.

We asked Rishikesh about any precautions that one needs to keep in mind while exercising to boost heart health.

According to him, “In most of the exercises, you must do a good warm-up and increase your overall body temperature. An improper warm-up can lead to injury. Warm-up exercises like a dynamic stretch, jog, high knees and jumping jacks at a low intensity for 5 to 10 minutes can be effective.”

Keep your heart healthy and beating well with these exercises!

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