These 4 anulom vilom mistakes may be stopping you from reaping its full benefits

Anulom vilom is a useful breathing technique in yoga, but you must always do it correctly! Here are 4 mistakes to watch out for
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Geetika Sachdev Published: 31 Mar 2022, 16:27 pm IST
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Over the years, yoga has turned into a lifestyle for most people who want to achieve holistic fitness. One of the most common breathing techniques that is an intrinsic part of this practice is anulom vilom, a specific type of Pranayama. How do you do it? Hold one nostril and close it while inhaling, and hold the other nostril and close it, while exhaling. The process is repeated and reversed, which is how it gets the name ‘alternate nostril breathing’.

But what if you don’t perform the practice the right way? Yes, there are some common mistakes that can creep in, and we want to avoid those at all costs. Yoga practitioner Juhi Kapoor, who is also known by her Instagram name yoginiworld, recently shared some of these. So, are you all set to find out?

Before that, let’s talk about some benefits of anulom vilom:

* Improved breathing
* Improved cardio function
* Reduced stress levels
* Promotes better sleep
* Enhances eye health
* Improved patience

What are some of the mistakes to avoid while doing anulom vilom?

1. Using full hands up and down

You may think using your entire hands is the right way to do it, but steer clear of these mistakes, ladies. One of your hands should be in gyana mudra and must rest on your knee. The other one that you use to breathe through your nostrils must be in vishnu mudra. What is it? Both the index and middle finger have to be touched with the root of the thumb.

2. Elbow up and lifted

Another common mistake is to keep your elbows elevated and lifted, but that’s not the right stance. Instead, you must keep your elbow comfortably pointing to the floor. If your arm hurts, take the support of the other hand. In this manner, you get the required support, but your technique isn’t wrong.

Anulom Vilom
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3. Moving the whole body

How many times have you seen people moving their entire body, while practicing anulom vilom? Well, it is completely wrong. Instead, remember to only move your belly; you don’t need to do anything else.

4. Pressing the nose too hard

During alternate nostril breathing, you think that pressing the nose too hard is going to make it effective, give it a rethink. Instead, use your fingers to press your nose very gently.


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Here’s how you can do anulom vilom

1. Choose a meditation sitting pose. Make sure your spine and neck are straight.
2. De-clutter your mind.
3. Let your outer wrists rest on your knees.
4. Using your right hand, fold your middle and index fingers toward your palm.
5. Your thumb should be on your right nostril and your ring finger on your left nostril.
6. Close your right nostril with your thumb and inhale through your left nostril, slowly and deeply.
7. Release your thumb and close your left nostril with your ring finger.
8. Exhale slowly through the right nostril.
9. Practice this in reverse.
So ladies, give this asana a try and reap its benefits!

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