Some good, some ridiculous: Here is a round-up of noteworthy fitness trends from the 2010s

Looking good and feeling awesome was the mantra that was chanted this past decade. Decode the decade with us by unraveling the best and worst fitness trends.
Fitness trends
End of a decade but there are few fitness trends that are here to stay. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 31 Dec 2019, 06:48 pm IST
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We know that staying fit sounds like a cliché. Be that as it may, it has nonetheless stolen the thunder of the 2010s. This past decade has perhaps witnessed the most fitness trends than ever before. And the credit for that goes to fitastic people like us. 

Look around and you’ll find even more people gymming it regularly, indulging in superfoods, relishing green teas, living the yoga life… the list just goes on and on. Constant updates on our apps and wristbands make us all the more alert about what we are doing right when it comes to fitness. 

In fact, such was the influx of fitness trends in the past decade that we decided to handpicked the best and the worst fitness trends so that you know what to take with you to a new decade and what to leave behind.

Here are the best fitness trends that created a buzz:

1.  Fitness tech
No one can deny that the emergence of gizmos, gadgets, and apps has swept us all away. Steps trackers, BMI checkers, wearable fitness gadgets, diet planners… the list is just immense.

In fact, a study published in a journal Frontier in Public Health claims that using technology to track our fitness goals keeps us on our toes and can help us to be fitter versions of ourselves.

Another trend that kept us fit this decade was exergaming or active video gaming. Video game brands like PlayStation, Xbox, and co all played their part–but it actually became a rage with Xbox kinetic.

Fitness trends
Entertainment with health benefits — now that’s perfect. GIF courtesy: GIPHY

This past decade we also saw various VR exercise games where we could practice MMI, running, play football, and more. Of course, we aren’t suggesting that should become an indoor enthusiast–but they do keep things fun and make you fit. So what’s the harm in trying it once in a while right?

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2. Rise of amateur marathoners
Running a marathon has become a legit trend. In fact, Airtel claims that in the past season they saw an 11% hike in the number of participants in the half-marathon category and 77% hike in the 10K category.


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In fact, more and more people are trying out various sports and outdoor activities instead of following a boring gym routine. That’s why new budding brands are focusing on making exercise more fun.

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3. The rise of Zumba and pole exercising
Why fall in the boring ditch of running on the treadmill when you have Zumba and cardio striptease aka pole exercising to take care of the flab.

Did you know that Zumba originated in Columbia and Latin American dance salsa is used as a basis of this? So when dance met high-intensity aerobics, we got Zumba.

Even though Zumba came into force in 2003, it is only in the last decade that it became as popular in India as it did. Today, in fact, not only is Zumba considered to be a sure-shot way of losing weight–it is also offered at almost every gym across the country.

When it comes to pole exercising, we should give some credit to Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez and fitness expert Vesna Pericevic Jacob who are taking pole exercising to a whole new level. More than just a fad, pole dancing is a fab way to gain muscle.

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4. Resistance band workouts
There has been a lot of hue and cry about weight training–it’s up as well down side, reps versus weight, and more. But the resistance band has put a full stop to all this as no weight is involved here.

Unlike those iron laden dumb-bells, resistance bands are made of high-quality latex and thanks to their elasticity–they give your muscle immense contraction which ultimately tone them with precision

And if you can’t compromise on your daily workout session even on a vacation then you can easily pack a band up and do your strength training even on the go.

From your arms to core to legs–resistance bands are meant for all and they hardly cost you anything. Now that is what we call a pocket friendly trend.

5. HIIT has been a hit with the fit-istaan
A stitch in time saves nine is the perfect way to describe HIIT or high intensity interval training. HIIT is another trend that has rejigged the definition of sweating it out.

This trend has been built for those who are perennially short on time, that just a few minutes of HIIT is enough for you get maximum weight loss benefits.

All types of exercises come with their fair share of injury risks like muscle wear and tear, sprains, etc. But that’s not the case with HIIT. If you are an athlete dealing with stamina issues then doing HIIT will help you build it in a better fashion.

HIIT workout weight loss
Jump, run, sprint–with HIIT it’s the intensity of your workout that matters. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Another thing that makes it a quick hit is that you don’t need any equipment and can do it anywhere you want.

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Not all trends from the 2010s were the same. Here are some that got the big thumbs down:

1. Toning shoes
A leading sports brand introduced these shoes which apparently claim to tone your legs and butts without you actually putting in any effort. Needless to say, they were a hoax. But that didn’t stop bigwigs like Kim Kardashian from endorsing them–even though the American Council on Exercise states that these products show no results.

2. Weight loss pills and powder
Another displeasing aspect of this decade was people blindly popping pills and powders to lose those extra kilos. This despite a hard-hitting research from Harvard that claims these supplements had sibutramine which was linked to heart attack and stroke in people.

After a brief ban of these supplements, many brands resurfaced–this time without the sibutramine. But does that mean they bear no side effects? You know that’s not true. So steer clear of them.

3. Vibrating weights
Well, we’ll say that they are just weird. Basically, this fad trend was all about jiggly dumb-bells and vibrating platforms. These equipment deliberately expose your body to vibrations and claim to give you health benefits. But eventually there are no studies to back this up.
Vibrating weights are awkward to use to say the least. GIF courtesy: GIPHY

Health experts say that these “get fit fast” machines contract and relax our muscles on a very high intensity and therefore spending more time with these can lead to muscle wear and tear.

4. Electric muscle stimulators
Shock therapy to build muscle is another trend that was a real fad in this decade. The fit fam of New York witnessed the birth of this trend, which was involved suiting up in a bodysuit with stimulators which evoke numerous muscles in your body in one go.

Huzefa Talib, a strength and conditioning coach and co-founder of The Outfit Gym, Bengaluru says that: “There could be a risk of an injury because of muscles becoming too tense during electrically-induced contractions. It is always advisable to turn off the machine if you feel any kind of unusual discomfort while using the device”.

So, this is it peeps. Now you know what you want to keep for the next year and what to dump. So choose wisely.

Till then have a fitabulous New Year.

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