Silent walking: Know why you must start your day with this physical activity

Silent walking is the new trend, and we are loving it! Here are all the reasons you should love it too. Know the benefits of silent walking for your health.
Benefits of silent walking
Benefits of silent walking. Image courtesy: Adobe stock
Team Health Shots Published: 17 Sep 2023, 08:59 am IST
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Exercise is a must, whether you’re going to the gym or walking in the park. What matters is how you’re doing it! Do you spend most of your time looking at your phone while walking? In this digital age, people tend to go out for a morning walk either with their earphones on or continuously tapping on the mobile phones on their hands. Walking while being distracted isn’t going to benefit you anyway! You can try to silent walk instead. Yes, this is a new viral Tik Tok trend being discussed a lot! Scroll down to learn the benefits of silent walking for your health.

What is a silent walk?

Walking alone silently without talking and away from gadgets is called silent walking. You need to divert all your attention to nature, which will help reduce your stress and provide peace. People who single-mindedly take out some time every day for a silent walk will be healthier, believe experts. When you are focused on natural beauty and take time out every day for a silent walk, you tend to work on your mental health and it will also help improve your focus.

As per Science Daily, walking alone quietly without listening to a playlist will ward off some of that mental stress. In case you find it boring after a while, go for a walk on a new route every day. It acts like a reboot button for your mind and helps you recover. With silent walking, you will find something new and unique every time that will increase your interest and motivate you.

benefits of silent walking
Know the benefits of silent walking. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

Benefits of silent walking

Here are the health benefits of silent walking:

1. Makes you positive

People who tend to keep themselves busy at work all the time for some reason or the other, they tend to be victims of stress. Its effects are visible in their thoughts as well. However, this negativity can transform into positivity with silent walking. Waking up early and taking a walk amidst nature helps bring positivity. Spending more time in nature will clear your thoughts and you will remain calm.

2. Boosts mental health

The mind is always occupied in some work or the other throughout the day, giving us less time to experience the calm. Plus, the continuous sound of the notifications on your phone doesn’t exactly help. Due to this, our brain doesn’t get rest which may lead to problems such as memory loss, anxiety, and fatigue. Silent walking in the morning or evening may help provide some peace to your mind. Plus, it will help you save some energy.

3. Promotes creativity

When your mind is filled with thoughts, you hardly get time to think straight. Whereas when you are calm, your mind starts running rapidly towards new ideas. In fact, when you are silent, you can easily think about any issue for a long time without any distractions. This also increases your focus on work, helping to improve your creativity.

4. Makes you feel less lazy

Going for a walk makes you feel active and healthy. It helps you get rid of laziness and it encourages you to do something new. You can try silent walking to ward off the fatigue and let your mind image and curate new thoughts. Not only will it make you feel energetic, it will also make you more productive.

silent walking
Silent walking may make you feel energised. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Improves concentration

Going for a silent walk regularly without any distractions will make you become more focused on things. By focusing all your energy on your well-being and nature, you work on improving your concentration skills. The effect of your dedication becomes more visible on your productivity. With improved concentration, you will be able to give your best at work and in life.

While silent walking can be beneficial for you, it is not a sure-shot solution to all your problems. Try to live a healthy life to keep health problems at bay along with practising silent walking.


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