Here’s why you should stop lounging around in your sweaty workout clothes

If you think wearing sweaty workout clothes for a little while is harmless, read all the gross things it can cause.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 5 May 2021, 12:16 pm IST
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After a sweaty workout sesh,  the first thing most people would like to do is get a breather, check those missed calls, and just relax a bit. But ladies, this is what we want to warn you about. The problem is wearing sweaty clothes and lounging around in them for a long time can lead to health problems that you can’t even imagine. 

Come let’s reveal them all.

Five gross things that can happen when you wear sweaty clothes for long
1. Skin infections

Staying in sweaty clothes means inviting trouble for your skin, especially in the form of fungal and bacterial infections. According to The National Institutes of Health, wearing sweaty clothes can lead to the penetration of these pathogens into your skin. Due to the clogged pores (because of sweat), they get trapped in there, creating more skin problems.

Itching, patchy skin, and problems like athlete’s foot is also seen in people, who don’t get rid of their workout clothes ASAP.

2. Vaginal infections

If your workout clothes are all sweaty, how can your underpants be spared? And if they are sweaty too, then your genitals are in big trouble. Have you heard of yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis? Yup, you can get any of these, if you don’t get out of your gym wear ASAP. The sweat is actually trapped in your underpants, because they are not made of those ‘dry fit’ materials that dry up within minutes.

And as your body is moist and the temperature is on the higher side, it gives all these pathogens the budding ground to blossom and mess up with your genitals.

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Itching, burning sensation while peeing, vaginal discharge, and a lot of discomfort awaits you, if you don’t take off your sweaty clothes right away.

3. Body acne and rashes

If you have oily skin, and yet you’re taking the risk of roaming around in those sweaty workout clothes, then hats off to you ladies. That’s because oil and sweat make for a lethal combination that can lead to severe acne problems, not just on your face but your body too. This happens due to clogging of pores, which are severe in people with oily skin.


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Also, when you move around too much in sweaty clothes, there are high chances of chafing that can lead to more rashes and redness. And BTW, you should not underestimate chafing at all, as it can be really painful and cause more issues in your next workout session.

4. Bad odor

When your sweat is mixed with bacteria and other pathogens, it will automatically lead to body odor. But the problem is if you don’t forgo this habit, then the biome of your body will be disrupted. That means even if you wear fresh clothes, your sweat will smell really, really bad.

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5. Low immunity

When you sweat, your body temperature is high. If you chill in those sweaty clothes, then the low temperature outside can bring in immediate fluctuation. This will have a direct impact on your body’s immune system. Cold, cough, and body ache is seen in people who stay in their workout clothes for a long time.
We think we have proved our point well enough; avoid staying in your sweaty workout clothes. Here’s another tip – try not to reuse those clothes without a wash, as they can have similar repercussions.

So ladies, keep these tips handy if you don’t want to skip your routine for even a single day.

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