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Shraddha Kapoor shares her secret to staying positive and happy

For Shraddha Kapoor, fitness helps her not just stay physically fit but also mentally healthy. She credits her mental peace to the state of shunya in her latest post on Instagram.
Shraddha Kapoor
For Shraddha Kapoor, it’s all about striking the right balance! Image courtesy: Facebook/Shraddha Kapoor
Grace Bains Published: 4 Feb 2021, 17:44 pm IST
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When it comes to working out regularly, it is pretty clear that it won’t just help you stay physically fit but also improve mental health. Ever noticed how working out after a frustrating day at work can bring about mental relief? It is because exercising can be extremely beneficial for those looking for mental peace. In fact, actress Shraddha Kapoor swears by it too when it comes to taking care of her mental health!

The Stree actress recently took to Instagram, announcing that ‘Focusing on health and wellness has been an intrinsic part of my life. It helps me find balance, peace of mind and a state of Shunya.’

The image Shraddha shared with this caption resonates the sentiment! You can see the actress performing a pose that requires a lot of balance and practice. Shraddha is balancing herself on a cylindrical piece of equipment. With her hands folded at her chest in a spiritual ‘namaskar’, her head is touching the floor and her feet are placed flat on the ground as her torso rests on a cylindrical cut out.

In fact, you’ll get interested in trying out the pose too, given that it has benefits that include:

  • Improves focus by pushing you to concentrate on balance
  • Makes you more aware of your body as you learn how to control your movement and stay still
  • The stillness of this pose helps you enhance mental peace, improving mental health

The bubbly actress explains what she means by ‘shunya’ which is the Hindi term for zero. Shraddha writes, ‘Shunya, as in Zero. And for me, the ultimate spiritual achievement.!’

Physical activity won’t just ensure your body stays in shape but also boost your mood so that you can live life on a motivated note. Shraddha explains the importance of this state of ‘shunya’ by informing her followers that ‘The state of Shunya is returning to our original state where we are full of positivity, purity and goodness! All smiles and goodness.’

No wonder we see the Baaghi 3 actress always smiling and radiating positivity! The hard work she puts into her physical and mental health truly shows.


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