Shilpa Shetty Kundra is all for strengthening the core with the frog pose

Shilpa Shetty Kundra recommends mandukasana, or the frog pose, for a strong core and a positive effect on the core chakra.
Shilpa Shetty Frog Pose
Shilpa recommends mandukasana for a strong core. Image courtesy: Instagram/ShilpaShetty
Grace Bains Published: 31 May 2021, 06:39 pm IST
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Ever wondered how Shilpa Shetty Kundra manages to keep herself fit? Well, the simple answer is yoga! The Bollywood actress practises yoga regularly and in fact, her Instagram bio mentions that she is a ‘mindful yogi.’

Shilpa often takes to social media to share asanas that she swears by to keep herself healthy, both physically and mentally. This time around, she revealed the asana she practises to keep her core strong. Mandukasana, or the frog pose, is what Shilpa vouches for when it comes to strengthening the core.

Focusing on the importance of having a strong core, the Shut Up And Bounce diva wrote in her caption:

“To support all kinds of healing processes, the main source of energy comes from the core of our being. So, the Mandukasana is a very important asana as it focuses on your navel centre, which also happens to be your life-force centre called the second brain. It has the ability to give you the energy to combat all weaknesses. That’s why they say, “Go with your gut feeling.”

You can see the post here:

The health benefits of mandukasana
  • Strengthens the ankle and knee joints
  • Relieves constipation
  • Improves lung capacity
  • Tones the abdomen muscles

At a spiritual level, Shilpa pointed to the fact that the frog pose is particularly helpful for the core chakra which is called the ‘Manipura chakra.’ The actress wrote:

“In difficult times like these, we need to focus on ourself; so we can dispel all negativity and bring in positive energy to the center of our core chakra called the ‘Manipura chakra’.”


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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can perform the frog pose

Step 1: Sit in vajrasana or the thunderbolt pose.

Step 2: Make a fist with both your hands. The thumb should be placed inside the grip of the fingers.

Step 3: Now, place both the fists on your navel and press it gently.

Step 4: Take a deep breath and when you’re bending forward, exhale slowly.

Step 5: Stay in the position for a couple of seconds and then come up.

shilpa shetty
Shilpa Shetty often treats her fans to glimpses from her yoga practice. Image courtesy: Shilpa Shetty | Facebook

Shilpa revealed some benefits of this asana along with some tips that you should probably keep in mind when you’re performing the asana. She wrote in her Instagram caption:

“Take in a deep breath and exhale while going down, stretching the spine and pressing on the navel. You will feel the energy flow to your solar plexus. Focusing on your navel will help you open your mind and reduce blood sugar levels as it works on the pancreas.

It also helps improve the flexibility and mobility of the knee & ankle joints. Moreover, the frog pose helps reduce fat from thighs, belly, and hips.

The Bollywood actress did put out a disclaimer saying, “Please remember: people with knee, ankle, and back pain issues should avoid this asana.”

So, strengthen your core and welcome positivity with the frog asana that Shilpa swears by!

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