Read 7 Indian women share what fitness really means to them

Are you really fit? Well, everyone has a different opinion when it comes to staying fit. Let’s read what these millennial women have to say.
Staying fit is not just about staying in shape. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 15 Apr 2021, 01:33 pm IST
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The term fitness is very subjective; everyone has their own take on this term. For some, having a great body is equivalent to being fit and for others, if you are able to lift a certain amount of weight, you are deemed fit. But staying fit is much more than that.

A single thing can’t make you fit. Fitness is a combination of physical, mental and emotional health. When everything comes together, that’s when it is achieved. 

That’s why we asked seven millennial women what fitness means to them, and here’s what they had to say. 

1. Fitness is staying energized

Kritika, PR executive

“Well, initially fitness for me was just about weight loss, and getting into those fitted dresses. But after growing up, I have realized even if I am thin, but don’t have the energy to do anything, then that means I’m not fit. So, for me, fitness is staying energized.”

If you exercise and always tired then you aren’t fit. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Fitness is not just physical, it is also about mental health

Vanshika, air hostess

“The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear about fitness is hitting the gym, lifting those weights, and running on the treadmill. But for me, if you’re not mentally fit or strong, physical fitness is of no use.”

3. Fitness is having fun

Rosedeep, dancer

Fitness for me is enjoying your routine, because I think if I’m not enjoying it, it won’t give me the desired results. So, enjoy what you do and you will see a difference in no time.”

You can dance if you want to and lose lots of weight. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. Fitness is understanding your body

Kiran Kamra, professor


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“Personally, I think fitness is choosing the right exercise that goes well with your body type. It is something that doesn’t just help you look good, but makes you feel good as well. I was never a HIIT person. In fact, I used to hate cardio sessions, and it never worked for my body. But when I started yoga, I felt so much better and it actually worked for my body. So, I was really happy to see the effect.”

5. Fitness means better immunity

Vineeta, fitness freak

“What’s the point of regularly hitting the gym when I am not immune to most diseases? If that’s happening, then it definitely means that my body is not responding to whatever I’m doing. So, for me fitness is having great immunity.”

6. Fitness is endurance

Sakshi, content writer

“I spend a good amount of time in the gym, and I see many people who spend hours and hours, but can’t do basic things like toe touch or lifting weights or push-ups. When you get into any kind of fitness routine, it is important to work on your endurance and agility, which will further help in better functioning of your body. If you don’t have it, you aren’t fit in the truest sense of the word.”

Getting strong muscles is not difficult. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
7. Staying fit means feeling good

Shikha Taneja, marketing specialist

“I don’t see any benefit, if there is no feel-good factor. I don’t mean looking good, but feeling good as well. I see my friends being tired all the time. Even if they’ve slept at 12 in the night, they will hit the gym without realizing their bodies might not be able to take it. They still do it, and feel sore and fatigued all day long. I don’t call it fitness. You should always feel good after a sweaty session.”

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