Tired after a long flight? Quick stretches to relieve the stress

Got cramps or neck pain after a long flight? Try these post flight stretches to get some relief from neck and back pain.
stretches for neck pain
Stretches for the time when long flights cause pain. Image courtesy: Adobe stock
Arushi Bidhuri Published: 9 Feb 2024, 09:00 pm IST
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Thanks to air travel, it is easier to travel the world whenever you want to! But long flights can be troublesome and uncomfortable. In the hustle and bustle of travel, it is easy to forget that your body needs some extra care after being cooped up at 3000 feet. Unless you can afford business class tickets, chances are your flight experience was a bit uncomfortable. If you end up with neck or back pain every time you get off a flight, you need to do some stretches to get rid of the pain. Scroll down to find some of the best post flight stretches you must do to get rid of any sort of pain you’re experiencing.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional jet-setter, these post-flight stretches are your ticket to comfort and relaxation.

Best post flight stretches to get rid of pain

If you have had a long flight, doing some stretches may help you. Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala recently took to her Instagram profile to share some quick and easy stretches you can do after getting off a flight.

1 Cat cow pose

The cat-cow pose is a great pose that helps improve flexibility of your neck, shoulders, and spine. It activates your tailbone and releases tension from the neck and back, making you feel better. Here’s how to do the stretch:

  • Step 1: Place your hands on your travel bag if you are performing it at the airport and bend forward with your feet shoulder-width apart. However, keep your hands shoulder-width apart and your knees directly below your hips if you are doing it on a mat.
  • Step 2: Now, inhale while curving your lower back, bringing your head up and tilting your pelvis.
  • Step 3: Bring your abdomen in with your head and pelvis down, arching your spine as you exhale.
  • Step 4: Repeat the pose a few times to relax the spine and neck muscles.

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Best yoga poses for frozen shoulder
Cat cow pose to get rid of neck and shoulder pain. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Thoracic contraction and extension

Thoracic contraction and extension is a great exercise for improving spine mobility, hyperextending the lower back, and reducing pain. Here’s how to do it properly

  • Step 1: Sit on a chair with your hands in front of you.
  • Step 2: Now, bring your hands together, contract your chest, and tuck your neck into your chest.
  • Step 3: Extend your arms backward as you open up your chest and arch your back. You should feel a stretch in your upper back at this point.
  • Step 4: Go back to the initial position and repeat. Do this a few times to get some relief.

3. Neck rotation

Neck rotations are great for making your neck more flexible. Doing this will help relax your neck and spine. Do this exercise regularly to improve your posture. There are many variations of neck rotations, this is an easy-to-do stretch that will help relieve neck and shoulder pain.

  • Step 1: Sit in a comfortable chair with your back straight.
  • Step 2: Rotate your head gently and slowly from side to side. Don’t let your chin drop to your chest.
  • Step 3: Keep the motions small and do not try to turn the head completely to either side.
  • Step 4: Do at least 10 times to get some relief.
best travel pillows for long flights
Get relief from neck pain after a long flight. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock.

While these stretches to good for you and can help you get rid of the pain, it is important to note that they might not help everyone. Make sure you consult a professional to avoid any injuries.

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