Partner workouts can do more than spicing up your relationship!

Charlie's Angels star Jaclyn Smith and her husband Brad Allen recently showed us how to spice up workout with partner. Find out which all exercises you can do with your partner for a fun and fit life.
Couple workout can boost sex life
Couple workout can boost sex life. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Natalia Ningthoujam Published: 30 Dec 2022, 12:30 pm IST
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Earlier this year, actress Debina Bonnerjee grabbed eyeballs when she did a headstand while being pregnant. Netizens were awe when they spotted her husband Gurmeet Choudhary supervising her. Similarly, social media users loved it when actress Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angels fame “decided to turn it up a notch” with her workout. All she did was get held by her husband Brad Allen while doing sit-ups midair. Then she was met with a kiss when she completed the exercise. Clearly, the Bollywood couple as well as Smith and Allen know how to spice up their marriage and workout routine. You should do it too, as partner workout has many benefits apart from spicing up your romantic life.

Health Shots connected with fitness expert Rachit Dua to find out the benefits of partner workouts.

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Add romance to your workout routine. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5 reasons why partner workout can be great for your relationship

1. Couple workout allows you to spend quality time

Romance is something that can only blossom when you give quality time to your partner. However, after marriage, fetching time for yourself is a task in itself. In such cases, exercising with your partner is something that can allow you to be with each other for a good couple of hours.

2. It gives a sense of security

You can always exercise with your partner like Jaclyn Smith and her husband did at home. If we get practical, you cannot do “kiss-push ups” in the gym by hanging over your partner! But jokes apart, partner workout is also a lot about feeling secure – that if you fall, the other half will be there for support.

Check out the video here!

There can be a few exercises which can definitely make the couple feel that they are meant for each other. Dua suggests that spotting each other in heavy exercises like squats and overhead shoulder presses, gives you confidence not only to perform the exercise but in life as well. “You could actually feel a sense of security when your partner is around in a challenging situation, and the support is real and so is the bond,” he notes.

3. Partner workout can improve your cardio respiratory health

There are many couple exercises, and walking is one way to remain healthy. Walking has many benefits, so you might be already doing it every morning. Instead of doing it solo, go on morning walks with your partner. That is the time when you could plan your day together. Dua, a co-founder of Fitpathshala, and a senior consultant to Team Aminder, says that walking with your partner might also give you a boost to walk for a good duration which “eventually improves your cardio respiratory health.” In fact, while talking we usually do not feel the duration and end up hitting a good number of steps.


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Engage in partner workout for a strong relationship. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Partner workout can bring young vibes back to your relationship

Playing sports is another way to spend time with your partner. Badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, squash or a swimming session together can bring young vibes back to any relationship, shares the expert. Remember the days when you used to eagerly wait for school to get over and then go out to play a sport? If you do not know how to play sports then take coaching classes together, bring back that old student time and take lessons from a teacher to learn a sport.

5. Reduces communication gap

You need to talk to each other and understand each other while doing couple exercises. There has to be a coordination, so ultimately, your communication gap will get reduced if you engage in a partner workout. Your relationship will grow stronger as well.

So, get fit together to bring the spice back to your relationship.

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