Neha Dhupia leaves moms-to-be absolutely inspired with her latest prenatal yoga video

In her latest Instagram post, Neha Dhupia can be seen doing prenatal yoga. In the caption, she offers fitness advice to fellow moms-to-be.
Neha Dhupia
Grace Bains Published: 28 Jul 2021, 09:30 am IST
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From being Miss India to one of the leaders on MTV Roadies, Neha Dhupia has inspired everyone with her confidence and charisma. Since her debut on Instagram, we’ve also come to know that Neha is a fitness enthusiast. In her recent Instagram post, she can be seen doing prenatal yoga and inspiring fellow moms-to-be!

It was only recently that Neha and her husband Angad Bedi announced their second pregnancy on social media. In the latest Instagram post, the talk show host gives fitness advice to pregnant women along with a video on prenatal yoga!

You can check out the post here:

Neha Dhupia posted a fast-forward video where she’s doing a series of prenatal yoga asanas from the comfort of her home amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Prenatal yoga is specifically designed to keep the moms-to-be healthy, both physically and mentally. The asanas that are part of a prenatal yoga flow help relax the muscles, stretch the body, bond with the unborn child, and focus on breathing.

In her video, Neha can be seen doing floor-based and balance-oriented asanas with equal ease. She’s also made breathing exercise an integral part of her prenatal yoga flow. The asanas performed by her include Pigeon Pose, Child’s Pose, Triangle Pose, and Tree Pose. But, Neha is no stranger to yoga! She revealed that she’s been practising yoga along with meditation for close to 20 years and doesn’t plan on stopping even during pregnancy!

The Bollywood actress said, “They say that everything that you have been practising before your pregnancy is something you should continue with, for the 9 months too. Yoga and meditation is a form of exercise I have doing for almost 20 years.”

Neha does acknowledge that pregnancy might change the way a woman’s body responds but staying fit at each stage of life is extremely important. She writes in her caption that ‘Ofcourse the body responds very differently now, but staying fit and active is something I would advocate all through.’

It is true that prenatal yoga has multiple benefits but you must perform it only under the guidance of an expert to avoid any harm. Cautioning her followers, Neha wrote that ‘The asanas are very different when you are practising pre natal yoga and must be done under guidance.’


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Neha Dhupia’s video on prenatal yoga is definitely inspirational and her fitness advice for moms-to-be must always be kept in mind!

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