Meet Aneesha Dass, who bent it like Beckham at 28 with the help of an all-women football league

When PCOD came knocking at her door, singer Aneesha Dass decided to give the sport of football a shot.
Importance of sports
“Playing football has revolutionized my idea of staying fit,” says Aneesha.
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 18 Feb 2020, 04:43 pm IST
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The worst mistake we can make when it comes to our health is to take it for granted. And in this regard, we women have championed the art of selflessness. The result? Weight gain and other health issues like obesity. The worst part is that we don’t even regret how active we used to be earlier.

But thankfully Aneesha had this happy realization before she was pushed into the dungeon of obesity and other health issues. Aneesha Dass is a 28-year-old singer and music producer, who recently also became a footballer! 

Just like all of us, an unhealthy lifestyle hit Aneesha hard
It goes without saying that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. But taking a break from it sometimes can wreak havoc. 

“I have always been into table tennis and badminton. But three to four years ago, I wasn’t active at all. And thanks to my eating habits I have put on a lot of weight,” says Aneesha.  

importance of sports
Lifestyle hassles are bygone for Aneesha.

But the weight gain wasn’t the problem for Aneesha. What happened afterwards was the issue. “I was falling sick over and over again. My immunity had gone for a toss and I was also diagnosed with PCOD,” she adds. 

“The intense acne made things worse for me. My confidence was shaken and I thought, enough is enough–I have to take charge of my life. My doctor suggested that I start exercising and so I did!”   

And so Aneesha joined a gym and like many others realised just how mundane a gym routine can get. So, when a childhood buddy steered Aneesha towards football–that was it! 

Aneesha chose a sport over football to stay fit
A professional singer, Aneesha started her career as a counselor in Shri Ram School–where she would often stay back after work and watch kids play football. 

Importance of sports
Meet Aneesha, the singer.

“I love football and I always wanted to try it. When I saw these kids playing, I couldn’t resist and tried it for fun,” she says. “I used to have so much fun playing with those kids, but at the same time, I was losing kilos. I don’t see any better deal than this.”  

And then Aneesha bent it like Beckham
Aneesha Dass and Aneesha Labroo (owner of Kica Women’s Football League) are childhood buddies. So when Miss Dass told Miss Labroo about her inclination towards football, she was inducted as part of the Kica Women’s Football League.  


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“Oh my god, I was awful when I started. But I was enjoying it to the fullest and I think that’s important. I love spending time with all the girls. There was a sense of healthy competition, along with cardio, so I was sorted. And I am glad to say that over a period of time both my health and my game have improved by leaps and bounds,” she says gleefully. 

importance of sports
Aneesha with her all-women football team.

But training for football wasn’t easy for Aneesha
A love for running ensured that Aneesha participated in marathons, but even then training for a sport like football was hard for her. 

“For the last one-and-a-half months we were training like crazy,” she says.  

She adds:

Before football, I never knew that I was mentally and physically this strong. Not to mention, the mindfulness it has given me is beyond words.

Staying fit is more important than weight loss is the learning for Aneesha
For all of us, weight loss is the ultimate aim. But, we hardly pay any attention to strength training and our mental well-being. But indulging in a sport will help you accomplish both.

“Stepping out of the gym routine and stepping into the field has completely changed my outlook when it comes to staying fit. Yes, I have lost weight but the bigger achievement would be that I feel healthy and empowered.” 

Now that’s what perseverance and endurance is all about. Hats off Aneesha! 

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