Move, breathe, connect: Malaika Arora sums up her 3-part fitness routine

Take a cue from actress Malaika Arora's fitness routine for a healthier and happier life. Try her 3-part regime and see the difference!
Malaika Arora shares her fitness routine
Let's get to know Malaika Arora's fitness regime! Image courtesy: Instagram | Malaika Arora
Vanshika Sharma Published: 18 Jul 2022, 21:41 pm IST
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Are you someone who wants to work towards your fitness but you don’t know where to start from? Well, Bollywood’s fitness OG Malaika Arora may have just doled out some basic tips you may need. While many women may dream of getting the perfect figure like Malaika, there’s also increased interest in knowing what she does to maintain her flawless body.

Malaika, who has always been synonymous with fitness and style, was in fact, recently also feted along with beau Arjun Kapoor as the ‘Most Stylish Couple’ at the Hindustan Times India’s Most Stylish Awards 2022. She regularly shares nuggets from her fitness journey, to encourage her fans.

The latest glimpse into her health routine gave out Malaika’s everyday system of following a three-part fitness routine.

She captioned her video, “It’s almost a month after Yoga Day and if you are still waiting for the right time to start, let me tell you the time is now.”

Check out her Insta post now!

Malaika Arora shares her fitness routine

1. Move

Malaika suggests that people must indulge in physical exercises like yoga, functional training or Pilates. One of the most crucial things you can do for your health is to exercise regularly. Physical activity can strengthen your bones and muscles, help you maintain a healthy weight, increase your ability to carry out daily tasks, and help you improving your body shape.

Exercising is also conducive to mental health. Yoga helps to maintain our strength and balance. Practicing yoga every day also helps you build mental and physical toughness, improve flexibility and makes you feel relaxed.


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2. Breathe

The actor is all for practicing breathing techniques that calm your mind and improve lung capacity! As we may know it already, breathing exercises help in decreasing stress, relieving pain, increase energy, improve immunity and reduce blood pressure levels.

Some basic breathing exercises that you should try:
* Belly breathing
* Breath focus
* Lion’s breath
* Alternate nostril breathing (Pranayama)
* Equal breathing

3. Connect

Connecting with your inner self is extremely important. Meditation helps us to control anxiety, increase our attention span and make us more self aware. Regular exercise and meditation improves performance in all areas of life. It improves our mental and physical health, and increase motivation and productivity. So, meditation is important even if it is done just for 5 minutes a day.

meditation benefits
Meditation can help you stay calm and connect with your inner self. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How to meditate?

1. Find a quiet and peaceful area where your can sit and meditate without losing focus.
2. Set a specific time limit. If you’re beginning, start with short period of time. Even five or ten minutes can make a difference.
3. You can sit on a chair or on the ground with crossed legs. Just ensure that you
are in a position that you can maintain for some time.
4. Pay attention to how your breath feels as it enters and leaves your body.
5. Your focus will eventually stray from the breath and go to other things. Simply bring your focus back to the breath when you eventually realize that your mind has
wandered in a few seconds or minutes.
6. Don’t criticize or worry excessively about the ideas you get caught up in when you’re lost in them. Just return.
7. After some time, open your eyes and notice the sounds in the environment. Observe how your body feels.
8. That’s it! Repeat the same for as many times as you like and you’ll eventually feel better.

You don’t actually have to workout the whole day to keep yourself fit. Even if you can spend about 10 minutes indulging in self care, you will see the difference in your overall health and wellness.

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