Malaika Arora reveals how meditation makes a difference to her life

Bollywood's fitness queen Malaika Arora has urged her fans to practice meditation every day in their lives. Check out what she has to say on the benefits of meditation!
Malaika Arora practices meditation
Malaika Arora shares how meditation benefits her. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Radhika Bhirani Updated: 15 May 2023, 15:15 pm IST
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The Oxford dictionary describes meditation as a practice of focusing your mind in silence in order to make your mind calm. Mental health experts as well as yoga gurus have highlighted the importance of practicing meditation in everyday life. Even Bollywood celebrity Malaika Arora, known for sharing fitness mantras with her fans, vouches for the many benefits of meditation!

As a Monday Motivation post on her Instagram page, yoga enthusiast Malaika Arora reminded her fans to begin the week on a calm note. “Have you taken a breath lately? A deep breath. Do it with me right now. Breathe in… breathe out,” she wrote.

For everyday hustlers, setting aside a certain time everyday to practice meditation can be a magic mantra to feel settled. Busy schedules, coupled with unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles, have reduced people’s patience and tolerance levels. They need everything to be done fast. Meditation can give them the pause they need from the hustle.

Check out Malaika Arora’s Instagram post on meditation!

Malaika Arora shares the benefits of meditation

The power of meditation may work in different ways for different people. For some, it may be calming and for some, it may be energising. Here are the ways in which meditation helps Malaika Arora, who engages in vigorous forms of exercise too.

1. Stress relief

Malaika Arora says meditation helps her to relieve stress. According to Harvard Health Publishing, regular meditation, in fact, happens to be more beneficial for stress reduction than a vacation!

2. Improved focus

Women tend to find themselves at a crossroad many a times. They have so many things to juggle and take care of that finding focus on one thing at a time may need a conscious nudge. That’s what meditation can do. Malaika Arora says meditation helps her focus better in everyday life. With rising distractions and reducing attention span, meditation can be very important for your mental health.


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3. Live in the present

It is very easy to get caught in the spiral of ‘what ifs and maybes’ of life! But if you shape your mind to live in the present and live it up fully, you will begin to value it more than ever before. Meditation can help you with that. Malaika Arora says, “Meditation brings my mind to the present moment.” Practising mindfulness meditation can especially help in this pursuit.

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A woman practicing meditation
Set aside some meditation time every day. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Inflow of positive thoughts

“Meditation is my anchor to allow positive thoughts to flow in and let go of the negativity,” says Malaika. The mental health benefits of meditation are such that you may improve your self-image and outlook. It helps build self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness. When we are more self-aware, we tend to have more clarity about the right and wrong.

Daily dose of meditation

Unlike 30 minutes of exercise that you need daily, you may find that meditation doesn’t need you to block so much time every day. If we go by Malaika Arora’s suggestion, adding at least 5 minutes of meditation to your daily self-care routine can do wonders for you! Ready to try it, then? Follow this beginner’s guide and learn how to meditate.

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