3 reasons why Malaika Arora is all for buddy workouts

Tried buddy workouts yet? Well, Bollywood's fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora gives you 3 convinving reasons to go for it NOW!
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Bollywood celebrity Malaika Arora gives you a trick to make workouts fun! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sanjiti Bansal Updated: 2 Aug 2022, 15:56 pm IST
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If we talk about Bollywood celebrities’ wellness hacks, you can’t miss out Malaika Arora’s fitness tips! One of the Bollywood’s fittest celebs, Malaika is extremely disciplined and determined about her health. She not just adheres to a strict workout regime, but also constantly keeps experimenting with her routine to make it fun and engaging. One such suggestion from her is to make exercising more exciting with buddy workouts.

Malaika, known for her fit physique, frequently posts about her workout routine on social media, particularly Instagram. She encourages her followers to engage with the content and take fitness challenges head on! Her fans look forward to the #MalaikasMoveofTheWeek every Monday!

For this week, ahead of the International Friendship Day, Malaika encouraged fans for home workout and suggested a BFF workout!

Check it out!

“Whether Friendship Day was yesterday or just around the corner, there’s no harm in celebrating it everyday. And what better way to start this week than working out with a yoga BFF?,” Malaika wrote alongside her post.

In the past, Malaika has posted workout videos with her friend Kareena Kapoor Khan and sister Amrita Arora.

“I believe that working out with a friend or a community increases your chances of achieving your goal, brings out the best in you, motivates you, and increases your accountability,” Malaika wrote in a previous post.


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Here are 3 reasons why Malaika is all for buddy workouts

1. Friends push your limits

When you exercise with a friend, it makes you push yourself a little more than you would normally do. It gives you a competitive spirit and at the same time, you feel more inspired. For example, you may naturally end up trying to run further and faster than we normally would if we see that one of our friends go for a given distance at a certain speed. As it is rightly said, nothing wrong with a friendly competition, isn’t it?

Workout tips by Malaika Arora
Make your workouts more fun with a friend. Image courtesy: Malaika Arora/Instagram

2. Take on the difficult workouts

When you have a partner to do something or you engage in a buddy workout, you are not afraid of doing the impossible. You are ready to take up the difficult tasks as you do not have to the face the fear of failure alone.

3. Make you more consistent:

“It gives my yoga practice a positive boost,” writes Malaika, and we can’t agree more. A buddy workout helps you to be more consistent. When someone else is counting on you to show up, you won’t want to let them down.

Working out with friends can turn out to be a lot of fun, and increase the happiness quotient of the sessions\. You’ll need the ideal exercise partner in order to reap all of those advantages. Find someone who shares your objectives, dedication, and timetable. Someone who uplifts you and motivates you to regularly use the treadmill or a path.

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