Malaika Arora reveals how she regained strength post-Covid

Malaika Arora took to Instagram to share her Covid-19 recovery journey, inspiring her followers with her grit.
Malaika Arora Covid
This is how Malaika Arora regained her strength after Covid-19. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 31 May 2021, 18:35 pm IST
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Covid-19 has engulfed us in its second wave and so many people are battling it with grit and determination. These testing times have challenged people from all walks of life and our B-town celebrities are no exception.

Recently, Malaika Arora took to Instagram to share her journey on recovering from Covid-19. In an extremely candid post, she talks to her followers about how it was physically and mentally excruciating for her to recuperate after getting infected with Covid-19.

Captioning her post with “what defines strength ?,” Malaika also sheds light on her struggles to get back to working out.

Check out her post here:

Recovering from Covid-19

Malaika tested positive on the 5th of September 2020 and shares how that period took a toll on her physical and mental health. She said, “anyone out there calling a COVID recovery easy, is either blessed with great immunity or isn’t aware of the struggles of COVID (sic).”

The recovery broke her physically and walking even two steps was a Herculean task for her. Simple things such as sitting up, stepping out of bed or even merely standing by the window were activities that could not be done without going through physical discomfort. Malaika also gained weight, felt constantly weak and lost her stamina. All this, while she was isolated and away from her friends and family.

“I finally tested negative on the 26th of September and I was so grateful that I did,” said Malaika in her post. So, while she was officially in the green zone, the weakness persisted. In fact, she felt disappointed that her body was not in alignment with her mind, making her afraid about gaining her strength back.


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Malaika Arora Covid Recovery
Malaika Arora opened up about her recovery from Coronavirus. Image courtesy: Facebook/Malaika
Getting back to the grind

Her first workout after testing negative was brutal on her body but it was not a testament for the things to come. She said “but day 2, I got back up and I told myself, I am my own maker. And then day 3 and 4 and 5 and so on.”

Slowly and steadily, Malaika got back to her groove and started working out to her true potential and strength. It has been 32 weeks since she tested negative and it’s only now that she is able to feel like herself again, working out the way she used to before testing positive. “I’m able to breathe better and I feel strong both physically and mentally,” adds Malaika while expressing how she regained her strength and can now workout properly again.

While recovering from Covid-19 and gaining her strength back, Malaika stayed positive by being hopeful, she said “the four-letter word that pushed me through was HOPE. The hope that it’s all going to be okay, even when it feels like it’s not okay.”

Towards the end of her post, she thanked all the people who wished her well and sent her messages to keep her spirits high. She also mentioned how she is praying that the world recovers as well and that we all come out of this together. Thanking her yoga instructor Sarvesh, Malaika said that she comes out of this phase with 2 words – ‘Grit and gratitude’.

From Malaika’s recovery story, it is pretty clear that Coronavirus can take a toll on you and healing is all about rebuilding strength one day at a time.

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