5 signs to know yoga is working for your health or not

You must be doing yoga regularly, but these signs of successful yoga practice proclaim that your yoga journey is bearing fruitful results.
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Purvi Kalra Published: 13 May 2023, 08:59 am IST
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Yoga and meditation are not just daily practices, but they are a lifetime journey towards self growth. They help you attain a state of peace and burst positivity into your life. But do you hit your yoga mat daily and wonder whether your efforts are showing fruitful results or not? Well, there are some changes you surely experience in your body after consistent yoga practice. Let us find out the benefits of yoga that show up on your health.

Certified yoga instructor Shynee Narang recently took to her social media to share some signs of successful yoga practice.

5 signs your yoga practice is working for you

Yoga has umpteen physical and mental health benefits. It brings peace into your life and helps you attain a state of bliss, and contentment and awakens consciousness within. However, these are some of the signs you can look out for that prove that yoga is working out for you.

signs of successful yoga practice
Practice yoga daily to experience joy in your lives!

1. You have consistent energy

At times, we feel drained, exhausted and run low on energy all through the day. However, when we  introduce yoga into your life, the energy levels surge. The expert shares that one of the signs that prove that your yoga practice is successful is that you feel the consistent positive energy in your body to do things. You feel fresh, vibrant and productive in all the day’s activities.

2. Healthy bowel movements

Some specific yoga poses give a good massage to your digestive organs, improve blood flow and oxygen delivery, which help in the process of peristalsis and promote stool movement through your system. Healthy bowel movement is an outcome of regular yoga practice.

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3. You wake up fresh

Many a time, we sleep for good 7-8 hours at night only to wake up feeling weary and drained of energy. This isn’t a sign of a healthy body. Low energy further makes you fall into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle and lack of productivity throughout the day. You may also feel low in terms of your mood. But after practicing yoga, if you start waking up feeling fresh, pat yourself on the back as it is a sign that you are reaping the benefits of yoga.

signs of successful yoga practice
Persistent yoga practice helps you wake up fresh and empowered! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

4. Regular periods

Body movements through yoga helps regular hormone function and the menstrual cycle. Further, yoga also eases period cramps and curbs the issue of irregular periods while improving your physical and mental health in various ways. Consistent yoga helps manage your stress, anxiety and depression issues which in turn aids in controlling your adrenal and cortisol levels in the body. Reduced stress further results in balanced hormones and thus regular periods.

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5. Better mood

Yoga teaches you the art of mindfulness. It brings harmony to your mental, physical and spiritual body. It further reduces stress levels in your body, as aforementioned and enhances your body. You will notice that you will start feeling a lot lighter, happier and calmer post-yoga. You will start noticing the little moments around you, and the material world will lose its sting on you. You’ll just feel happy sitting around in your own company. More than anything, you’ll find more things to be grateful for every single day.


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