Learn these 8 exercises that are a part of Yasmin Karachiwala’s post-Covid exercise routine

Trust celebrity instructor Yasmin Karachiwala to always have the perfect advice, when it comes to health and fitness. This time around, she has shared some exercises that have made it to her post-covid fitness regime.
yasmin karachiwala
These exercises have helped Yasmin to increase her lung capacity and reduce stiffness. Image courtesy: Yashmin Karachiwala | Facebook
Geetika Sachdev Published: 6 May 2021, 14:42 pm IST
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There’s a lot of information floating around covid-19 — whether it’s about preventative strategies, proning, food and nutrition, and so much more. If there’s one aspect that needs to be discussed in detail, it is recovery from this infection. There are several people who experience fatigue and other associated symptoms, even after they’ve tested negative. That’s why it is important to take slow and steady steps to get back to a routine, especially when it comes to exercise. 

This is what celebrity fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala has also touched upon in her recent Instagram post. “I would like to share with you some of the exercises that I did when I recovered, which really helped me increase my lung capacity and make my body less stiff,” she said. 

She added that her symptoms were mild, but in case others are yet to fully recover, it is best to consult a physician before doing any of these exercises. 

I started these exercises very slowly with low intensity doing only as many reps as my body felt comfortable doing. I was also constantly listening to my body, which is the most important thing any of us can do post-covid,” adds Yasmin. 

Here are the exercises:
1️. Abdominal breathing diaphragmatic (5-10 reps)

– Inhale to breathe into your stomach, letting it expand.

– Exhale slowly letting your stomach relax, belly to spine.

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2. Lateral lung breathing (5-10 reps)

– Inhale to breathe laterally into your lungs, don’t breathe into your stomach. 

– Exhale hollow your belly to spine. 

3. Side bend — single lung breathing

– Side bend to one side – inhale to breathe into the opposite lung. 

– Exhale to hollow your belly to spine.

– Repeat on the other side.

4️. Cat and cow —  spine Mobilisation (5 reps)

– In an all fours position, exhale articulating your spine from your tailbone to flex your spine into contraction.

–  Inhale articulate the spine starting from the tailbone to go into extension.

yasmin karachiwala
Try the cat cow pose for your back, core, and more. GIF courtesy: Giphy.
5️. Twist and hold (spinal rotation with breath) (5 breaths each side)

– Rotate your spine to the left, take your right hand to hold the left knee and your left hand to the back. 

– Keep your right glute grounded to the floor.

– Breathe 4-5 times, trying to increase the rotation with every inhalation.

– repeat on the other side

6️. Mini swan — thoracic extension (5-8 reps)

– Lie prone on the mat with your hands in a goalpost by your sides. 

– Pull your shoulders away from your ears, lift your head to look at the front of your mat. 

– Press your elbows into the mat and lift your chest off the floor 

7️. Hip flexor stretch (releasing tightness due to sitting all day) (hold for 5 breaths)

– From a lunge position, lower the back leg onto the floor.

– Press the hip of your back leg forward and down.

– Hold for 5 breaths.

– Repeat on the other side.

8️. Butterfly stretch — stretch hips, glutes, groin and inner thigh (10-20 reps)

– sit with your feet together in a butterfly 

– holding your feet, try to pulse both your knees toward the floor 

– stretches hips, glutes, groin and inner thigh. 

So ladies, take it slow and steady, and include these exercises in your recovery routine.

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