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Learn the art of breathing right with Pranayam and draw benefits

Do you know that if you breathe properly, you can avoid so many day to day ailments? In fact, it can also help you destress wherever you want.
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Parmita Uniyal Published: 4 Jan 2022, 11:30 am IST
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While we all want to ace our fitness journey and take all necessary steps to achieve our health goals, we tend to ignore one of the most crucial aspects of holistic health – breathing.

As we carry on with our work and engage with stressors on a daily basis, our breathing turns shallow and rapid. When our breathing is shallow, it doesn’t allow stress to get released which in turn could lead to many health problems.

The ancient practice of pranayama – one of the limbs of yoga – aids in regulating our breath. Various pranayama techniques from bhramari, kapal bhati, nadishodhana, ujjayi, bhastrika help us gain control over breath and help us get rid of stress and provide body with necessary oxygen.

Practicing pranayamas daily can boost immunity, make you feel calm and detoxify body.

Centre yourself with Nadi Shuddhi breathing technique. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Pranayamas (breath work) improves immunity, provides nutrition to every cell via blood flow, detoxifies the blood, relieves tension and makes you feel calmer. But in order to procure these benefits, it’s very important, we need to practice pranayamas daily,” says Dr Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurveda expert.

If you are looking for a mantra to release stress on a daily basis, all you have to do is to breath right and practice pranayama.

“Even one deep breath done the right way, can drop your cortisol levels immediately (less corrisol= less stress). It can move you from stress to de-stress mode. If this is what it can do in a moment, think about its benefits when you practice it regularly,” says the expert.

Benefits of pranayama

Here are all the benefits of practicing pranayama every day by Dr Bhavsar.

* It will reduce your anger

Manage anger with Pranayam. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

* It regulates your hunger or appetite, so it could be the first step in your weight loss journey


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* Pranayama can improve your personal or professional relationships. Considering you are in control of your breath, you will also be in control of your moods and hence will be able to interact better with people around you.

* Improves your work efficacy

* It boosts your immunity

* Pranayama reduces your chances of suffering from autoimmune diseases

* Pranayama also improves your sleep pattern and quality

* Breathing right reduces chronic inflammation

* Practicing pranayama every day can work wonders for your mental Health

* Breathing right can help maintain hormonal balance and makes you feel energetic and content throughout the day.

* Breathing provides us with oxygen and releases carbon dioxide from our body which is mandatory for good health.

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