Try Janhvi Kapoor’s favourite glute exercise routine for a toned butt

Want a fit and fab body like Janhvi Kapoor? Try her favourite glute exercise routine for shapely and butts.
Janhvi Kapoor shares her glute exercise routine
Janhvi Kapoor shares her glute exercise routine. Image courtesy: Instagram | Janhvi Kapoor
Purvi Kalra Published: 29 Jul 2023, 03:19 pm IST
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We all look at our favourite celebrities in awe as they ace fitness challenges and manage to keep up with good health and toned body in the middle of chaotic lifestyles. But the fact is you can get the most sought-after body and healthy by starting off with a basic workout at home and levelling it up by using some props just like our favourite Janhvi Kapoor.

Popular celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit recently shared her friend and student Janhvi Kapoor’s favourite glute exercises that she performs at home! You can draw inspiration from this routine and practise it at home or when you’re travelling, to fire up the glutes.

Janhvi Kapoor shares her favourite glute exercises

Everyone strives to tighten, build and tone glutes. They are the largest and strongest group of muscles in our body that work in unison to rotate, extend and abduct the hip. Alongside, they are also the reason stabilization of the pelvis, especially while climbing, running, or walking. A well-toned glute isn’t just great to look at, rather it also helps improve our posture, eradicate lower back pain, reduce bone density loss and can also help get rid of that stubborn abdominal fat.

Here are some of the glute exercises that Janhvi Kapoor does!.

1. Hip lifts

Hip lift exercises strengthen your core, better your body posture, and help in levelling up sports performance in a myriad of ways. Also, with the slow and controlled movement of this exercise, you can end up building the most revered six-pack abs.

How to perform hip lifts?

• Lie down flat on the mat on your back.
• Pull your feet a bit towards the hips.
• Place both arms on the sides, and get into a gentle bridge pose.
• Now, continue moving upwards and downwards gently to lift your hips.
• You can level up and perform the same with slight variation by putting a dumbbell on your abdominal area.
• Alongside, you can do the same by putting a resistance loop on your lower thighs.


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2. Single-leg hip lift

This is an advanced variation of the previous exercise.

How to perform single-leg hip lifts?

• You have to follow the same steps. The only variation is that in this exercise, you keep your one leg lifted in the air and then practice the hip lifts.

glutes exercises
These exercises will strengthen your glutes and boost your body’s performance! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Donkey kick

All these exercises target the glute area, and donkey kick works most on the largest glute, in particular, the gluteus maximus. Alongside, it engages with another small muscle, the gluteus minimus, to keep the hips and pelvis stable.

How to perform donkey kicks?

• Begin in the quadraped position. Flex one knee deeper to lift your foot slightly above the ground.
• Freeze the knee in this position. Exhale and extend that hip to lift your leg until your quad forms the symmetrical extension of your torso.
• Do not lift the thigh higher than the torso. Inhale, flex the hip and draw your leg back in.

4. Kick back

Kickback is a variation of donkey kick where you kick your legs backwards instead of pushing them upwards. You can perform both these exercises using resistance bands.


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