Is it safe to exercise outdoors now? This is what a doctor has to say

Yeah, we know you are worried about the weight you have put on during the lockdown but before you step out hear what an expert has to say.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 9 Jul 2020, 11:21 am IST
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Don’t get too excited seeing people working out in the open because ever since covid-19 has been declared to be airborne, the threat of you catching it has increased by many folds. 

We know that many of you might have splurged money on buying that perfect pair of shoes thinking that at least running is something you can try your hands on to lose some weight. But it looks like coronavirus has some other plans for you.

That’s why if you are planning a running session to lose those extra kilos, then first you need to hear what Dr Manjusha Agarwal, consultant internal medicine at Global Hospital, Mumbai, has to say.

1. Always wear a mask
According to Dr Agarwal if you are going out for a walk or a run you can wear a thin-layered mask to protect yourself from contamination.

prevent coronavirus
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Although, various experts have a different take on it. According to some, it is not advisable to wrap your nose or mouth while exercising but if you are doing brisk walking then there is nothing to worry about.

2. Look for an isolated place
“If you want to run or exercise outdoors then look for a place which is not overcrowded. You can run on the roadside or near the coastline but you must avoid going to overcrowded parks as there are higher chances of virus transmission there,” she says.

3. Choose a time when it’s breezy
According to Dr Agarwal, you should opt to go out for a run only when it’s windy. She says: “That breeze won’t let the virus settle in the environment and it makes the outdoors more suitable for exercising.”

4. Gyms are a big no-no right now
“Going to the gym or an indoor park is not advisable right now. Due to the air conditioning in the gym, you’ll become more prone to viruses. Plus, when you’re working out in the gym, it becomes very difficult to manage hand hygiene,” she suggests.

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5. Go for an early morning run
Dr Agarwal advises that you should go for an early morning run as you might not encounter far too many people at that point. Also, there are very minimal chances of the virus being in the air as for a good number of hours there hasn’t been any footfall. So, taking an early morning run is the best option.

“Although losing weight is a great idea there are a lot of things that you can do at your home which also helps in weight loss like skipping, on-the-spot running, yoga, walking stairs, etc. But if still, you think that going for a run is your thing then be sure that you take proper measures before you step out for your weight loss spree,” she concludes.


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