Want to stop yourself from overthinking? It’s time to try yoga!

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stop overthinking, because we have found a solution that might help you, but only if you practice it regularly.
Overthinking can be controlled with the help of yoga. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 26 Mar 2022, 09:00 am IST

If you are an overthinker, you must have been told umpteen times to stop it. And your response must have been, “but it’s not in my control.” We totally understand your plight my friend, because stopping overthinking isn’t all that easy. But we have a foolproof trick that can help you move away from overthinking, as and when you want. Wanted to know what we are referring to? Well, it is none other than yoga.

Thinking is what is required to excel in life, but overthinking can literally drain you, and can even make you unproductive. Many people also overthink about why they overthink. Let us spell it out for you. Overthinking can be a sign of many things such as being hyperactive, stressed, anxious, or depressed. Overthinking can also be a side effect of lacking discipline, or not having a purpose in life. When we do not have proper guidance or mentorship from someone who is involved in the spiritual path, we may not be able to control our minds and fall prey to overthinking.

But thankfully, just like everything else, yoga has a solution for all your problems. Come, let’s see how yoga can help you sail through this situation.

Overthinking can take your peace away! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How to stop overthinking with meditation?

Gals! Let’s not beat around the bush and come straight to the point. Thinking is our natural state of being. There is a popular saying that goes ‘I think, therefore I am’. Thus, you can see that it is impossible to escape the process of thinking and shun your thoughts altogether.

The inception of thoughts

From the time of birth, as we begin to grow in our surroundings, we start to develop our own thoughts. We are shaped by our thoughts and many childhood experiences are recorded and processed as thoughts. Through this natural process of thinking, we can arrive at certain conclusions in life.

“Thoughts and thinking is a form of self-talk which helps us communicate to ourselves about the world we are witnessing. Thinking about what we see on a daily basis; what we hear from those around us, and what we feel, taste, touch, and sense gives us the ability to form opinions and beliefs that could be unique to us,” shares yoga and spiritual guru, Grand Master Akshar, with HealthShots.

Thinking and meditation

Thinking alone is an instinctive reflex and may not necessarily be an obstacle when it comes to meditation. However, overthinking may become too distracting and cause a hindrance to the process of meditation. Overthinking acts as an obstacle that stands between you and your complete alignment.

Some yoga mudras that can help you control overthinking

Sakshi dhyan

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The word sakshi means to ‘observe’ or ‘to witness’. And in this particular technique of meditation, you play the role of a witness, observing your own thoughts, while you are seated to meditate in silence.

Yoga to your rescue. Image courtesy: Grand Master Akshar

“Do not engage with your thoughts, avoid fighting with your thoughts or even trying to escape them. Instead, simply focus on sitting still and accepting your thoughts without any personal involvement or judgment. Watch them go by as a third person simply being a witness without any opinion of what is right or wrong,” recommends Grand Master Akshar.

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Bhavigatha dhyan

The meaning of the word bhavigatha is upward movement or upward motion like that of a flame. The laws of gravity interact differently and influence the elements of fire and water in opposite ways. When it comes to water, gravity causes water to flow downstream or downward. And whenever you light a fire, the flames are always dancing upwards reaching towards the skies.

In this meditation technique, your thoughts will focus on positivity. Build good energies by thinking about the kind of productive aspects you can incorporate in your life or make a list of things you need to complete that could help you grow. Under this form of meditation comes agni dhyan, tratak dhyan etc.
With the help of these powerful and positive thoughts, you will be able to gain calm and composure.

Disclaimer: It’s not a magic spell. You need to practice it and make it a habit to reap benefits.

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