How does yoga benefit your mind, body and soul?

If you’ve been an avid yoga follower, you know what we’re saying. Yoga benefits your mind and soul more than your body.
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Yoga is not just a medium to stay fit, it is soul food. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Updated: 5 Jul 2022, 03:21 pm IST
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Yoga is synonymous with body flexibility and good breathing techniques. Why just settle there? There are more ways in which yoga benefits you. It is a practice that helps in controlling the mind, body and the inner being- which makes it a powerful tool for wellness. As a practice, yoga has the ability to help revitalize the body, create a deeper sense of spirituality and a positive state of emotional being.

Health Shots got in touch with Shilpa Gowder, Yoga Coach, FITTR, who helped us understand the essence of yoga better.

Gowder says, “With the right breathing techniques, and correct postures, yoga helps the body to feel more flexible. It is important to understand this ancient practice a bit better, as its true essence lies in its benefits for the mind, body and the soul. ”

Yoga for the mind

We lead a life that is constantly busy, and yoga is a great way to bring that calmness and help in stress busting. Hence, by incorporating meditation and breathing techniques, yoga helps to create mental clarity, promotes calmness, and sharpens concentration. It helps in waving off that added pressure and stress that one feels during a busy day.

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Yoga benefits your mind, body and soul. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Yoga for the body

We all are aware of the complex asanas (postures) that are done while practicing yoga. What many do not know is that yoga is not for fat loss. It is a practice that helps in the development of good physical health by stretching and stimulating the pranic channels and internal organs. Yoga is known to have many health benefits including – improved flexibility, great for back pain relief along with improved posture. Therefore, regular practice of asanas promotes good health and keeps the body fit.

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Indulge in yoga for a fitter body. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Yoga for the soul

“Yoga is known to promote- mindfulness, which is basically, paying attention to one’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Once an individual is in a meditative state while practicing yoga, the ability to focus and reach a calm state of mind increases and that’s when mindfulness is realized. The core value of yoga is to achieve a feeling of relaxation and inward awareness which further promotes a healthy state of being.” Gowder told HealthShots.

So ladies, you must always remember that with yoga alone one cannot get healthy. To reap yoga benefits, one must strive for a combination of eating habits and leading a balanced lifestyle which when combined with yoga helps in harmonizing the mind, body and soul. The end result is a flexible body and relief from ailments.

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