Here’s why you should NEVER skip wearing underwear to the gym

Going without underwear when working out might not be as healthy an option. Here’s why.
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Grace Bains Published: 27 Sep 2020, 09:30 am IST
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Any of you ladies who workout regularly will swear by the fact that it requires the right kind of clothing. There should be absolute comfort while wearing it—be it in terms of flexibility of movement or not feeling conscious about its visibility.

These concerns have made many women contemplate going without underwear when working out. In fact, some already are doing this. But, how feasible is it to do that? Well, here are a few things to keep in mind if you choose to go commando at the gym.

1. You will end up reducing the life of your activewear
For starters, not wearing underwear with your leggings or gym shorts means that you will need to wash them more often. Repeating any kind of lower, even when you’re wearing your undies, isn’t advisable given that you sweat a lot when working out. And not washing your clothing gives the bacteria accumulation leaves the room open for infections.

But, when you’re not wearing any underwear while working out, it becomes an absolute necessity that you wash your clothes before wearing them again. This might cause the material of your lowers, which should have good elasticity for better flexibility, to deteriorate too soon and become loose.

2. It can cause chafing leading to pain and discomfort
What’s more, not wearing your underwear increases the chances of chafing, which happens due to skin-on-fabric rubbing. When exercising, the sweat only aids this friction. Chafing causes stinging, itchiness and a red rash but might also cause your skin to bleed.

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It is most commonly caused during workouts that include running and cycling. Needless to say, it can cause pain and discomfort which might even result in you having to skip working out till the rash subsides.

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3. You might just soil gym equipment
Given that your lady parts will be in direct contact with the fabric of your leggings or gym shorts, any discharge or sweat will fall onto the surface of your gym equipment without the barrier that your underwear provides.

This means that your gym equipment will get soiled and become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Not only will this increase chances of you catching an infection, it might also affect others who use the same gym equipment. It’s almost the equivalent of kids peeing in the pool!

But, is it absolutely harmful?
Well, going sans underwear while working out will definitely contribute to raising the risk of infections, chafing and more expenditure as well as energy to maintaining gym clothing. Overall, it is truly a matter of preference. However, we would advise that those visible panty lines in tight gym clothing is still better than an increased chance of infection!


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