WFH over? Here’s how to fit in your fitness routine

Experiencing a time crunch for fitness since offices reopened? Here’s how to stay fit and fab despite the end to WFH.
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Shifa Khan Published: 22 Mar 2022, 09:00 am IST
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The Covid-19 pandemic forced the majority of us to the confinement of our homes. The shutdown of schools, gyms, and recreation programs, coupled with the restrictions in public spaces, kept people from being active in ways that offer physical and mental well-being. With restrictions getting lifted gradually, life is now getting back to the ‘new normal’. However, the end of WFH has raised another concern for people. How to stay fit despite the work pressure and less time is another challenge in this post-pandemic life.

We cannot forget how sedentary our lifestyle has become due to the global pandemic. From a physical and mental health standpoint, it has taken a toll on many. As per National Center for Biotechnology Information, eating, physical activity and other weight-related lifestyle behaviors may have been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis and people with obesity may be disproportionately affected. Our lives have now become more inactive, thanks to the fast-paced online world of social media and OTT platforms.

HealthShots spoke to Jignyasha Ambasana, a nutrition and fitness standard coach at FITTR, who doled out interesting ways to stay in shape when running out of time.

Ambasana says, “It has now become even more imperative to shift back to a healthy and an active life. Indulging in a physical activity not only gets you going but motivates you to push yourself physically, as well as mentally”

Jignyasha suggests following excellent ways to stay fit and fab:

1. Ramp up your health game safely

Your body needs time to get used to a particular activity or intensity level. If you were working out at home with the help of an online coach or by yourself and now want to ramp up your exercise routine by joining a gym organized sports, it’s better to take it slow. For example: While weightlifting, you should start out with lighter weights.

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“As you increase the weight, you can decrease the number of repetitions. Your progress can be marked by how comfortably you’re able to increase the weight or number of repetitions,” suggests Ambasana.

2. Meditation is a super easy way to wellness

The most recommended way is to find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed. Get started with controlled breathing for only 2-3 minutes. Gradually, with time and continued focus on breathing, the process will become easier. Keep aside some time daily for your practice as you will be able to benefit from meditation only when it becomes a part of your routine.

Meditation can give you a chance to internalise. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Ambasana advises to smile at the end of each practice and express gratitude for your session. Be thankful and happy that you were able to stick to your commitment of meditating and that you spent quality time with yourself.

3. Running, skipping, cycling to get yourself moving again

Despite a long day at work, a good run, a rigorous skipping routine or cycling in your local park can get your endorphins flowing. Remember, whenever you start with any of these basic fitness routines, keep your form correct. Skipping rope for beginners can be difficult and if the form is not right, then it can be harmful to the knees or can cause joint pain.


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