Here’s how Shilpa Shetty beats Monday blues with Setuasna

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is known for her yoga practice. She reveals that she beats Monday blues with Setuasana. Get inspired by the fitness queen!
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Shilpa Shetty Kundra practices Setuasana to balance her days and build bodily strength! Image courtesy: Shilpa Shetty/Instagram
Grace Bains Published: 20 Sep 2021, 04:00 pm IST
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Monday blues are quite real as we all step out of the weekend vibe to start another week! Hence, it is important to start your week on an energetic note to shake off the blues and get yourself ready for the next five days. There’s nothing better than yoga for this!

Shilpa Shetty Kundra, known for not just her acting and dancing chops, but also her fitness prowess. Especially when it comes to yoga, Shilpa is an inspiration to her followers and fans as she has been promoting yoga as a healthy lifestyle choice for many years.

She often takes to Instagram to share her fitness tips and workout sessions. Recently, she shared a ‘Monday motivation’ video of herself doing a yoga pose called ‘Setuasana’, conveying to her followers how this pose helps maintain a balance between staying relaxed and building bodily strength.

bridge pose
Get rid of Monday blues with this asana recommended by Shilpa Shetty! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shilpa performs Setuasana

The timing of the post is perfect, as so many of us look for motivation, right in the beginning of the week. Shilpa said that, “There are times when no two days are identical. One could be relaxed, the other balanced, and then absolutely hectic.”

She highlighted how she still chooses yoga as a tool to bridge the gap between building strength and balancing her days. “Today was one such morning, just before a packed day, I chose the Setuasana,” added Shilpa in her caption.

How to do this pose

Shilpa started off by sitting on a mat, with her legs straight. She placed her hands behind her body, with fingers facing backwards. She then inhaled and raised her upper body and pelvic area, to form a bridge (setu) like position. Her hands were constantly supporting her weight, and the head was hanging back, inducing a relaxing effect. She then exhaled, and returned to the starting position.

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Benefits of Setuasana

Highlighting the advantages, Shilpa shared:

-It tones and strengthens the arms, lumbar region of the spine, and the achilles tendon.
-It can help relieve gynaecological disorders.
-It can maintain the nervous, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, and glandular systems.
-This pose helps with menstrual problems.
-It also strengthens the leg muscles and arms.
-It can also improve your posture.

Shilpa warned her fans that in case of elbow or wrist pain, or if you are suffering from high blood pressure or dizziness, then you should refrain from practicing this asana.

So, ladies, check out her post today and get that much needed Monday motivation to continue on your health and wellness journey.

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