Gul Panag’s push-up and suryanamaskar combo is just what you need to become strong

Gul Panag is known for her fitness. Recently, she took to Instagram to share a workout routine that is all about ‘strength and flexibility.
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Gul Panag is a true blue fitness inspiration! Image courtesy: Gul Panag/Facebook
Grace Bains Updated: 31 Aug 2021, 15:39 pm IST
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Actress, model, former beauty pageant queen, and fitness enthusiast, Gul Panag is one talented lady!

She often takes to Instagram to share workout tips and fitness videos. Recently, she posted a video in which she was seen doing push-ups and ‘Suryanamaskar’. She captioned her post as, “strength and flexibility. Literally and metaphorically.”

Check out her post here:

Push ups

Gul started her post with general push-ups. This movement improves muscular endurance, and tones the torso, front shoulders and triceps.

This is how she performed the push ups:

Step 1: Gul started the exercise with her hands underneath the shoulders, and toes on the floor.

Step 2: She braced her core, and aligned the hips to form a straight line with her body.


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Step 3: Keeping her weight on the arms, she bent her elbows to lower the torso towards the floor.

Step 4: She then pressed back up powerfully, to return to the start position.

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It’s time to nail push-ups. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Suryanamskar (Sun salutations)

After the push-ups, Gul switched to performing Suryanamskar. This yoga pose helps strengthen the core, leg muscles, torso, arms, and back muscles. This movement is great for strength and flexibility!

This is how she performed the Suryanamaskar:

Step1: She stood upright, with feet closely aligned with each other. She then raised her arms, and folded the hands in prayer position.

Step 2: Lifting her arms up and slightly leaning backwards, she stretched her entire body. She then bent forward, and extended her arms downwards. With hands by her side, she kept her back straight.

Step 3: Gul extends her leg behind, and folded her right knee, placing it close towards the right part of the torso. She then kept her hands on the floor, looked up, and bent her neck slightly backward.

Step 4: Gul brings her knees to the floor, resting her torso, and then raises her hips and abdomen.

Step 5: Tucking the elbows to the side of the body, she pressed her palms into the ground, and lifted her torso and head off the ground. She then gazed in an upward direction.

Step 6: Gul then transitions to downward dog position, elevating the hips, keeping the heels on the ground, and making an inverted-V with the body.

Step 7: She brings the left foot forward, and places it between the hands, and then rests the left knee on the ground. She then looked upwards towards the sky.

Step 8: Gul brings the right foot next to the left foot. She then lifts her body upward.

Step 9: She then stretched her arms up overhead, slightly arching her back.

Step 10: Finally, she brings her arms down and stands upright in a relaxed manner.

So ladies, check out her post, and get ready to be inspired by Gul Panag’s fitness prowess!

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