Get ready for the most intense stretch of your life with parsvottanasana, courtesy Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora is back again, this time with parsvottanasana or the pyramid pose. These 5 benefits of the asana will urge you to try it out yourself.
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Learn the pyramid pose from the best! Image courtesy: Malaika Arora/Instagram
Shreya Gupta Updated: 3 Nov 2020, 17:39 pm IST
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No amount of praise is enough for Malaika Arora. Her dedication towards a healthy lifestyle, even through a covid-19 infection, has inspired many of us to get fit. Her Instagram feed is a treat for fitness enthusiasts, yoga lovers, and fitness novices alike. 

And so now it’s like a ritual to wake up on a Monday morning to find Malaika with a new post yet again, loaded with some sparkling-fresh inspiration. This time she is demonstrating parsvottanasana or the pyramid pose, which will help you stretch your body. Check out her post here:

Wondering how to do parsvottanasana? Follow these steps
  1. Start from the downward-facing dog or adho mukha svanasana pose
  2. Take a breath, inhale, and bring your right foot forward to the inside of your right hand
  3. Make sure you are maintaining a distance of at least 3 to 4 feet
  4. Then make an angle of 45 degrees with your left foot, with your right foot pointing towards the shorter edge of the mat
  5. Align your heels
  6. Slowly lift your torso up and turn your face in the same direction as your front foot
  7. As you exhale, reach your arms behind your back
  8. Now clasp each elbow with the opposite hand, and if your body allows bring your hands into reverse prayer position
  9. Keep your spine stretched 
  10. Keep the crown of your head extending forward and your tailbone reaching behind you
  11. Hold the pose for 10 to 15 second and then release

Here are the health benefits of the pyramid pose

1. It stretches the body

Starting from your torso, shoulders, and chest to your hips, hamstrings and calves—this asana stretches your body intensely. So, if you are looking for a full-body stretch then now you know what can work the best!

2. It improves your posture

With the regular practice of this asana, your body gets stretched properly which helps in correcting the posture. You’ll soon notice that your shoulders are not dropping anymore.

Also, watch:

3. It can better your body’s balance

Parsvottanasana requires balancing your body while taking all the weight at the core. So apart from enhancing the balance of your body, it also brings in more awareness.


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4. It strengthens your lower body

It is an intense pose that requires you to properly balance your body. And along with the deep stretch, it also helps strengthen the lower body.

5. It stimulates your digestive system

When you put pressure on your core, the chest and the tummy gets pushed inwards towards the thighs. Holding the pose helps stimulate the internal organs which improve digestion.

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