Download these 5 apps on your phone to stay on track with your fitness routine

Do you often make the resolve to get fit, but find it difficult to follow through? Here are the best fitness apps to help you stay on track.
best fitness apps
Let your smartphone be your fitness instructor. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Ainee Nizami Updated: 28 Nov 2023, 16:29 pm IST
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Committing to a workout routine is probably one of the biggest struggles in today’s time. Whether you decide to go to the gym daily or you’ve taken up Zumba classes to get your body moving–consistency is the key. So how do you ensure that you stick to your routine, have fewer cheat days and more fit days. And basically don’t waste that big chunk of money you’ve paid to the gym.

Rather, use your phone to stay fit

With a host of fitness apps available to aid you in your quest, think of the fitness apps you can download on your phone. Consider these fitness apps as your fitness instructor–someone who constantly motivates you to stay on track, keep track of whether or not you’ve been sticking to the plan, and remind you to stay hydrated.

5 best fitness apps that help you stay fit and focused on your healthy routine:

1. Drink Water Reminder And Tracker

Staying true to its name, Drink Water Reminder And Tracker nudges you to stay hydrated. While there are a lot of apps to do the job, why we like this particular one is that it takes information about your day-to-day routine.

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From the kind of climate you live in, to when you wake up and how often you wish to drink water–it lets you set up super customised reminders.

2. Pacer

Sure you have a fitness routine in place but that doesn’t mean that you don’t move about the entire day. Enter Pacer, an app that keeps track of the number of steps you take in a day. Like all apps, you can set your goals and you get an updated report at the end of the day celebrating your milestones if any.


Another great thing about the app is that it lets you make walking groups where you can add fellow walking buddies. So if you have the competitive spirit you are certainly going to love this app.

3. My Fitness Pal

Keeping track of your daily diet just got easier. Download My Fitness Pal, set your goal–lose, maintain or gain weight–and simply scan the barcode of everything you eat or search for it from the app’s database of more than three million items.



Keep an idea of your risk of weight-related issues.

Check BMI

The app does a great job of keeping your calorie count in place, with reminders about your eating goals.

4. Daily Yoga

With a high rating of 4.8 stars on the Apple App Store, Daily Yoga is perfect for both beginners and advanced yoginis. There are hundreds of class plans to choose from, with step-by-step instructions guiding you through each asana. The app also has workout routines to help you stay fit and healthy.

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Yoga has a multitude of benefits to offer you! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock


5. Sleep Cycle

A good night’s sleep can be the key that ties in all your fitness efforts together. Sleep Cycle is the perfect app to track and analyse your sleep pattern, and ensuring that you wake up feeling well-rested. Set your usual waking up time and allow the app to use your phone’s built-in microphone to pick up on your movements to determine which stage of sleep you are in, and pinpoint the optimal time to wake you up within a 30-minute window that you set.

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This ensures that you wake up feeling well-rested, as compared to jolting awake thanks to the loud tones of the alarm on your phone.

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