Don’t have the time to work out? Then read what mindful thinking about fitness can do for you

You choose between hitting the gym and doing surya namaskars to home-but the key thing to remember is your body recognizes movement and not where you do it.
If your intent is clear then everything is possible. Image courtesy: Vesna's alta celo Facebook page
Vesna Peričević Jacob Published: 15 Mar 2020, 14:00 pm IST
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We are the only living creatures who have managed not to die out while being sedentary. After all, all animals need to move to be able to survive. Humans developed knowledge on how to thrive without having to physically move–but that has brought us a whole new set of problems. 

While we no longer necessarily need to do physical actions to survive, our survival has been directly linked to being sedentary in order to do our jobs and earn money. And so we survive by paying for food, education, and shelter.

As a result, fitness is no longer the focus for most of us
Daily regular movement and exercise have gone from being part and parcel of our lives to being a commodity that we need to take time out for–then be it going to the gym or a park or exercising at home. 

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Another consequence of modernity is that we are spending much more time at our place of work than people did ever before. This gives us much less time to do everything else we enjoy, like being with family and friends and socializing. Needless to say, the most common reason for people not to exercise is the lack of time. By the time we are done working, commuting, and being with friends and family the day is gone.

workout at home
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People who consider fitness a high priority manage to fulfill their need for fitness either at the cost of socializing or their circle of friends enjoys fitness as much as they do–so it becomes a part of the overall social experience as well.

But you can get fit even with the busy lifestyle that you lead
Before we get to that, let me share a secret with you that may change your approach to working out: your body recognizes movement.

Your body doesn’t know whether you are in the gym, at home, or in the office.  It just recognises movement–which can be anything from house chores and shopping spree to getting water from the office water fountain and carrying your kids around. The second part of the secret is that mindful movement will help you achieve much more than moving mindlessly. 

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Growing body of research is showing a direct correlation between the mindful process in changing both the biochemistry, as well as the muscular structure of the body.  

Simply put, by thinking about happiness, love, and compassion you can rewire your brain which will start firing neurons. So over a period of time, you will become more loving, empathetic, and more compassionate. 

Unplug and unwind – Give social media a break for a healthy mind and feel the difference. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

At the same time, by consciously engaging your mind in the fitness process you will become fitter.  Some years ago, a statement like this would have provoked derision among ‘experts’. Interestingly enough, many ancient texts have always stressed on the reality which is created by our mind. It is only now that science is being able to truly explain the process. 


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But what does this mean practically?
It means that by starting your day regardless of how busy your schedule might be, by setting an intention towards all the positive changes you wish to have more of in your life and using every short break you get to remind yourself of health, peace, fitness, and the experience you wish to feel in your body- your body will realign to fulfill and execute the intention set by your mind.

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At the same time, you will start creating small pockets of time to do something good for yourself. With the power of intention and understanding that your body recognizes movement and not the place where the movement–you can make every single movement count and get fitter. 

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