Are you Covid-19 positive? These yoga asanas can bring you relief

If you're struck by Covid-19, here are some yoga poses suggested by the Ministry of Ayush for relief, that you must do.
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Breathing exercises can help to alleviate your lungs. Covid-19. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 31 Jan 2022, 13:18 pm IST
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The Covid-19 pandemic continues to keep everyone under the grip of fear, anxiety and panic, with new variants . The virus has not only affected the physical or mental health of a person but also caused considerable damage to the economic condition. Currently, India is fighting against a new variant known as Omicron which has raised the level of concern once again.

Although people are reporting mild symptoms, coronavirus should not be taken lightly. Ever since the pandemic hit India, two things have made their way back into our lives in a major way. Reliance on home remedies for to increase energy or immunity and the other is yoga, to fight or prevent infections.

yoga for Covid-19 patient
Yoga helps to enhance your immunity, slowly and steadily. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here’s how yoga can help boost your energy levels

According to yoga guru Grand Master Akshar, “Practicing even some of the simplest yoga asanas can be life-changing. It will not only calm your mind from the Covid-19 related stress and anxiety but also boost your immunity.”

So, if you are infected with Covid-19 infection and are restricted to in-home isolation, the Ministry of Ayush recommends you to perform these yoga asanas for relief.

Yoga poses for Covid-19 relief

1. Prayer (2 minutes)

Prayer is a self-discipline technique of traditional yoga that helps to heal the mind and body and promote a sense of wellness. During the prayer, certain mantras are chanted at certain posters, poses, with certain mudras. They all create a healing effect. You should definitely perform prayer for two minutes regularly.

2. Sukshma Vyayama (5 minutes)

Sukshma Vyayama is a yogic practice that helps to loosen your joints, remove the energy blockage and boost your body energy. It is a very simple and short relaxation yoga technique, basically a good warm-up, which consists of some poses that help to stimulate blood circulation in the body. Practicing sukshma vyayama helps to prepare your body for other challenging yoga poses.

Practice skanda sanchalan, Vaksha sthala shakti vikasak 1 and 2, and Katishakti vikasak regularly for 5 minutes.

3. Asanas (15 minutes)

The Ministry of Ayush suggest these asanas to practice daily for 15 minutes:

*Urdhva Hastottanasana
*Ardha chakrasana
*Ardha ushtrasana
*Shashankasana Uttan Mandukasana Vakrasana
*Saral Dhanurasana
*Setu Bandhasana
*Sarala Matsyasana

yoga for Covid-19 patient
Get a stronger posture with tadasana. Image courtesy: Shutterstoc

4. Kriyas: (3 minutes)

Kriyas are the Ayurvedic technique that helps to cleanse your mind and body.
Vata neti kriya: Vata neti kriya is a process of cleansing and purifying the nasal passage. Practice 3 rounds of 30 each breathings).
Kapalabhati Kriya: Kapalbhati is a forceful breathing process for purifying the skull and brain. It helps to improve memory, concentration, and focus. Practice 3 rounds of 30 cycles each.


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5. Pranayama (5 rounds each)

Pranayama is a yogic practice that focuses on your breath. This involves breathing exercises and patterns. While practicing it you purposely inhale the oxygen, hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale it in a specific sequence. Practice five rounds of Nadishodhana, Ujjayi, and Bhramari each.

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To make your lungs stronger, nothing is better than Paranayam. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Meditation: (5 Minutes)

If you practice meditation regularly, it is good for your mental health as it can give you a sense of peace, calm, and balance, releasing all the stress. Meditation can also improve your emotional well-being, reduce age-related memory issues and help fight anxiety and depression. Practice Om chanting, breath awareness, and meditation (Dhyan) regularly.

The above-recommended yoga asanas can be done regularly!

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