Coregasm 101: All you need to know about exercise-induced orgasms

We all know orgasms that are triggered by sexual activities, but did you know exercise can also lead to one? Read on to know more about coregasms.
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Geetika Sachdev Published: 31 May 2021, 04:43 pm IST
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Don’t we all love a good orgasm? We are sure most of you have that twinkle in your eyes. But what if we told you that your workout could also lead to one. Surprised? Well, we understand. This phenomenon is called exercise-induced orgasm or coregasm. The reason why it’s referred to as a coregasm is because it usually occurs when you are performing abdominal exercises.

Debby Herbenick, PhD, Professor at the Indiana University School of Public Health and author of The Coregasm Workout told a media publication that there’s still not enough evidence to show how coregasms happen. Even though they may sound similar to orgasms during sex, we don’t really know the science behind them. 

Some studies suggest that exercise-induced orgasms have nothing to do with arousal, because the participants were not thinking about sex in any way. It most likely happens due to the contraction and fatigue of the core and pelvic muscles. 

Are coregasms common?

Yes, they are. Herbenick reveals that they happen often, in the case of women. He added that these coregasms do not necessarily have to be associated with anything sexual. Instead, they help us delve deeper into the bodily experiences that are linked to a woman’s orgasm. 

Now that doesn’t mean every woman will have an orgasm, when she performs abdominal exercises. You could think of it to be similar to sex here – not every woman can achieve an orgasm, right? So, every woman can’t even have a coregasm during exercise. Also, it’s important to note that men can have coregasms too, but it’s not as common in them. 

Does a coregasm feel special or different?

A coregasm largely feels similar to what you experience during sex, with minor variations. For instance, in the case of women, it may feel like a deep vaginal orgasm, which can feel oh-so-good. Some studies also suggest that this is the only form of orgasm that certain women have achieved. Others may have when they indulged in self-pleasure, intercourse or oral sex. 

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What are some exercises that can give you coregasms?

As mentioned above, exercises that are targeted at your abdominal muscles are likely to give you an orgasm. Sometimes, engagement of your pelvic muscles can also help. 

These are some of the exercises you need to make a note of: 

  • Sit-ups and crunches: Doing these exercises is most likely to lead to a coregasm. That’s because of the way your abdominal and hip muscles contract during the exercise. 
  • Lying leg lifts: A lot of people find this exercise stimulating than others, because of the hollow position that is needed to perform this exercise. 
  • Squats: This exercise could also induce a coregasm, especially if you are pushing from your glutes. 
  • Planks: In this exercise, you are supposed to draw your navel in and hold the position, which can lead to a coregasm. 
  • Yoga poses: If there’s any yoga pose that makes you engage your core, then you’re likely to end up with a coregasm. Some of the poses include the boat pose, bridge pose, eagle pose, dolphin pose, crow pose, and more. 

So ladies, do tell us in the comments if you’ve ever had an exercise-induced orgasm or coregasm?


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